Bipolar-Genius: Musings of a Moody Catholic Economist

This is a personal blog or journal. It is raw, uncut, unscripted and usually unedited (sorry, I will try an devote more time to it). These are my thoughts at the time of writing but like everyone else I evolve – we learn, unlearn and relearn.

Join me as I explore and try to make sense of the truths within our world- my truths (as we all have our truths); sharing my views and stories of the characters that I have met, and those stuck in my head.

I hope you will ultimately find answers, entertainment and relaxation just as I have found mine, in the stories I have heard and experienced, in my faith, my family, and my friends (which I am glad you are joining).

But I am only here to pose questions, throw ideas, explore concepts and exchange stories in a quest for answers…

God bless.

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