Advent, iPhones and Placebos

So for this Christmas season (Advent), what are you anticipating? What has you on tenterhooks? What else is in you stockings?

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Advent is the four week period before Christmas, when we Catholics are on tenterhooks waiting for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It serves both as a period of anticipation and preparation for both Christ’s birth in a manage but also his second coming, which “we do not know the hour when the Master shall return.”

Basically, we are to be so engrossed that Catholics are to look like a line outside an Apple store when a new version of iPhone comes out. Although, Steven Jobs (R.I.P.) and Tim Cook are on their ninth version with iPhone X, the lines still go down the block and everyone there has read through all the features and knows the specs by heart – they are also more than happy to shell out $1000.

Therefore, how much more on tenterhooks are we Catholics for the coming of our Lord and Saviour; for the way, the truth and the life. We show our anticipation/preparation by going to confession, volunteering and giving of ourselves charitably, showing love, meditating on the readings of the bible etc. But above all we pray diligently.

Now, science, “in its finite wisdom,” has shown us the effects and power of prayer in many studies, to which they attribute it to the placebo effect. The placebo effect shows the power of one’s mind-frame and perspective in healing- after all the body is designed to be, self-healing. I obviously believe slightly different  just the scientific explanation; my God is Love, and love has many definitions, including attraction, which is the basis of all atoms and by extension all quantum mechanics (the four fundamental forces) and chemistry.

However, I will not be arguing reasons (cause and effect) but just results (correlation). And just like Alcoholics Anonymous has realised the effectiveness of surrendering to a higher power in their 12 step program, we Catholics have experienced the joy, happiness and peace that comes from centring our lives on the promise of Jesus’ second coming and salvation.

So for this Christmas season (Advent), what are you anticipating? What has you on tenterhooks? What else is in you stockings?

– God bless

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