Night Owl in Day Light

Other benefits for an early day besides the food, exercise and sleep, is the chance to plan out my goals for the day, recap my finances and budget and journal and assess myself at the end of the day

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I thank you all for the kind support the first chapter of my novel got…it has made me excited to finish the first draft and share one chapter every week.

But back to the blog…

…for as long as I can remember, I have been a night owl. While still in primary school, I would sneak into my parents rooms at night to put on the DSTV decoder so me and my sister could continue our television adventures in the paired TV downstairs in the parlour. This resulted in a lot of scoldings and floggings but never deterred the habit.

In boarding secondary school, me and my friends would  connect three or more beds to create the mega-bed everyone lay on to gist late into the night. When I finally got into college, it became even worse- I pulled all-nighters very easily sometimes to do things as simple as keep up to date on my favourite anime.

However, I hoot very rarely nowadays. I have put up my boots for an early bedtime reminiscent of secondary school of 9pm, 10pm latest; this even applies for nights I go clubbing as I would sleep first then wake up and get ready at 1am.

Why some may ask? Because it makes me efficient and effective.

I get up at 5:05am and after greeting God, I usually go for a run with my sister. The benefits of starting your day with God and exercise are immense and surprising. Not only do I will uplifted and empowered, I have a cheerful disposition and energy that just won’t quit. We end the exercise routine with meditation which keeps me entered; on days when sister is hugging her pillow we heard to the gym for motivation…it works. Being surrounded by all those shredded guys and fit gals, makes you eat your own gruelling routine. Really need to make some friends at ‘Fitness Central’ but does hard core gym-goers intimidate me.

Then 7:00am sees the blog post of the day come together before it is breakfast and cold shower to put on our business-game-face. As a freelance consultant and investment professional, my job revolves around exploring the data of a business to improve it and raising adequate capital for planned projects. This new phase of my life just started recently, after I left investment banking in Nigeria with Standard Bank. As much as this is to keep busy and fund other activities (entrepreneur and grad student), I am still enjoying the roles and the discipline I have had to dig deep for to balance all these various pulling forces.

The work day is now from 9am to 5pm, but again the schedule is not as rigid as an analyst at an investment bank so I could catch up on the gym if I was helping write a speech for my dad in the morning or blog at 8am instead of 7am after researching ‘burnt out’ for mum- did I mention I have become their PAs (as in people hire the staff you need don’t just drop everything on the last-born). Then bedtime is anywhere between 9pm and 10pm. Also, the discipline in the schedule has seen the change in the diet to a more leafy vegetable and protein based diet as opposed to fast-digesting carbs like rice.

Other benefits for an early day besides the food, exercise and sleep, is the chance to plan out my goals for the day, recap my finances and budget and journal and assess myself at the end of the day.

All in all, my life has changed after I imbibed the knowledge from the power of habit and changed my keystone habit of being a night owl…need to pull from my imperfect ornithology knowledge to look for an interest morning bed, besides the rooster.

– God bless

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