Hello, how are you?

This is the secret to accomplishing anything even if you are not particularly inclined at that moment… just show up and do what you can.

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I woke up today more tired than usually. It makes sense in retrospect since my “jogging buddy” is not around and I am usually too busy on the weekends to bother with the gyms; also I like to try different exercises then like playing soccer or swimming.

Anyway the past weekend was so packed that I couldn’t even get to swim. I took my measurements with my tailor at 6:30am on Saturday and had an eventful two days since then with Slum2School Africa and Young & Catholic Nigeria.

I also crashed a block party at Parkview and got to hang out with my people. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that my creative juices this morning seem to be plugged. I am not even that excited about going to the gym this morning. Therefore, I have chosen to check in with my readers.

Hello, how are you? How was your weekend? What unusual thing happened? How did you feel your time? Did anything exciting happen? Was it business as usual? Are you prepared for work today? Is your company closed for the holiday? Do they do 13th month? What are you planning for your family and friends to celebrate this season?

My family has falling out of the habit of celebrating Christmas, at least not in a flamboyant manner. We may go out for lunch but that is about it: no decorations, no spiked egg nog, no presents. I, however, am on a mission to reclaim those family traditions so we have some when my own children join the fold.

I started this year with gifts on birthdays. It wasn’t easy and there were flops but all in all I loved the feeling of gift giving and I am only getting better. My mum and dad’s presents this year were a bit generic, necklace and earrings and banana bread cake. My gifts for my siblings were very well thought out, but I already messed up in the delivery of the first one (and the quality was below what I wanted)- I commissioned an artwork with an artist from church but his skills were not up to the standard I wanted.

Well,  I think I will do better with my other sister and brother’s gifts. I have to think about it and plan better for next year especially with the holidays and feast days I will be adding to the list. I think I will include more people like close cousins and friends and grandparents. Oh, just thought of a good one. I think I will write a novella loosely based on Grampa’s autobiography for the grandparents. I think that would also be a great way to start writing African content since I have both a Nigerian and an Western voice; I may even use a pseudonym.

Wow, I was able to write. This is the secret to accomplishing anything even if you are not particularly inclined at that moment… just show up and do what you can. My dad always used to say “Genius without discipline leads to irresponsibility.”

I say, “It is true grit that makes you great” (pun intended).

– God Bless

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