The Spirit is infinite

“Hey so I didn’t get the chance to share the end of our discussion on “the spirit remembers”

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Here is a discussion I shared earlier with my catholic group,

“Hey so I didn’t get the chance to share the end of our discussion on “the spirit remembers” but like I said I had so many thoughts and inspirations from the clip we saw. I don’t know if we carry the discussion further to the group but I’m going for it. I just woke up like 10mins ago and will rather share it before I forget because it is the spirit that remembers.

So the first quote was John 3:34. And the priest was talking about how when God gives the spirit it is without limit

Me I am a science guy and I have never understood how anyone who is interested in science does not believe but then Faith is a Grace

…anyway this verse just remind me of infinite. Math is littered with infinite series, recurring decimals that are constants without which life on earth would not exist. And the only thing that is infinite is God. I remember one quote from the movie “the fault in our stars” and this is where I go to when people talk about babies dying young and evil men living forever. It talks about how from 1 we go to 2 and we can keep counting until infinity. But within 1 and 2. We can count 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and also keep going to infinity. And again between 1.1 and 1.2. And on and on. So is the measure of a life the time spent on earth? Have they been children who have died for Christ? Whose deaths have changed the world? Have acted as an outpouring of the abundance of the spirit? Who have caused doctor’s to fine penicillin, ampiclox, aspirin? Who made farmers to irrigate and use fertilizers to feed their families and their nation.

So the spirit is infinite.

The next one was John 16:12 – 14.

And here the priest talked about prayer and how we need to set aside a place and a time for it. Create a scene.

And any architect will tell you the power of space. Artists too. Most of us were fortunate enough to go to Art X. From the way art is arranged, the passageways, the lighting, it creates an experience. Your senses get immersed. Because we experience the world with many senses. Parlov dogs were conditioned to salivate when they heard the bell. So creating that associate with candles, with incense, with the symbol of the cross. It makes our minds instinctive follow that train of consciousness back to God.

Honestly nowadays when I see two perpendicular lines I feel like doing the sign of the cross…makes walking on tiled floors very tiring.

I also shared the part about prayer being a language. And like all languages we learned we had to set aside time to practice it until we could do it without thinking.

But there is something else in the passage that speaks to me. It says the spirit will tell you all truths. And that is what science is all about the search for truth. In fact all professions are related to truth…whether the exaggerate it or not…which is why customer feedback is so valuable to businesses. And just like all vocations have predecessors who laid the foundation be it Newton, Faraday, Einstein…Salvation has predecessors who laid the foundation. So we have Jesus and the bible. But just like the quote says there is so much to tell but your not ready, the spirit will help. There are still so many truths which the Saints and the Church reveals so we need to hear what they are saying. You will never understand the theory of relativity if you don’t know Newtons laws

But with the theory of relativity you see the limitations of Newton’s laws

So just like the old testament set a foundation and then Christ transformed it, we also need to follow the evolution of God’s good news. After all how will you understand E = mc^2 from an Apple falling down from a tree.

The final verse was John 14:26.

And this reminded me of my psychology classes. The are many tricks for memorization. Mnemonics, Loci, repetition, association. But history shows that we, society, are plagued to make the same mistakes. People read the bible and they are like what is up with this Isrealites they always keep looking for other gods. Or making the same mistakes. How many times do we commit the same sin? How many wars have there been? Christ came and gave us the solution to all our problems. Not just freedom from sin but actually living with Christqin values improves the world around you. You don’t see the connection? Okay early Christains shared everything. This was when 024 a.d. (made up number) or what. Now the world is going crazy about Uber, Air bnb…the world sharing economy. Me, I am just sitting down laughing.

Anyway at least the spirit helps us remember.

– God bless

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