Health is Wealth

Once upon a time..Health is wealth and God is love…the end.

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In finance theory, there is a concept called human capital and financial capital. Human capital has to do with the potential for you to make money from working while financial capital are the assets you have accumulated during your life to fund your retirement and future goals.

How is this relevant? I have always had a tremendous amount of human capital. Through a combination of luck (genes) and effort (environment), I was born with a high IQ and received a first class education within a loving supporting environment. You can see the love in that, I end most of my messages with God Bless because I was raised and I am Catholic (and would not feel right pulling a Jesus by saying peace be with you). Anyway, the long and short is that I am very smart and I care a lot about the conditions of the people around me.

One of the personality tests I did describes me first as: “Involve me”, then “show me you care”, then “give me details” and lastly “Be brief, be direct, be gone”. And it is literally because of these traits that when I was in University, I championed so many causes, took so many courses and experimented with almost everything under the sun (from Scuba diving to Rock climbing and Snow boarding) that under the stress and toxins, I broke my brain.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Kelly Brogan and a whole slew of functional medicine practitioners can go into the science of it (which I follow quite easily…I am a pre-professional Zoologist as opposed to just pre-Med and Econ Major with a minor in Chemistry) but as I have left my dream of being a doctor behind, I will explore the connections between health, medicine, money, finance and wealth.

Firstly, let me start by saying the major difference between Economics and Finance is that Finance is a practical approach to help you meet your life NEEDS while economics is the study and science of how you meet your WANTS. They both have theories but one of them tells you what you should do and the other tells you the truth about reality (and in addition, economics hints at what a perfect society would look like- perfect competitive markets).

Now, health, integrative medicine, functional medicine etc use a lot of words to tell us what children know: we need to eat a balanced diet, we need to exercise, we need to sleep at night and rest when tired during the day, we need to be friendly and have people we love, who love us (skinship and emotional intelligence), and we need a long term goal to work towards during all the other hours (purpose). If you want all the science you can look for the Human Longevity Project or the Broken Brain Series…Google is your friend.

Like I said earlier, there is a difference between NEEDS and WANTS. The “problem” is our wants. They are endless. In Nigeria we call it “longer-throat”. Most religions have laws or advice that tell you to curb your wants as a solution, economics says: people respond to incentives, there is opportunity cost, trade is good, make decisions at the margin, act out of your own rational self-interest; in short a capitalist economy. There is nothing wrong with the theory…it is current and correct. But just like we have monopolies and Oligopolies and Cabals etc. some people acting out of self-interest game the system. And it is all a game. You just have to level up. What matters is how entrepreneurs become billionaires – VALUE.

Based on your operating values, you should do what you love to create value for others, monetise it, then scale. It will require a lot of work. Because your solution may be wrong or incomplete, because you don’t really understand the market or the market is so small and spread out etc. But it is homework and you have been doing that since you were a child. Remember make decisions at the margins. Small increments. A little more each time. Monitor and review.

Okay, back on topic after my Professor moment…hahahaha…so meeting Needs = health. Conventional medicine is focused on the wrong person’s self interest. Functional medicine is telling patients what they should already know (and had known before)…but with data now. When we use our hard earned money to buy any product we have made a choice, endorsing that product (damn AD guys) and company. And finally wealth comes from creating consistent value for a large and increasing number of people.

But if you have all that money and can’t sleep at night or you are afraid of dying…is it worth it?

I think that is why the US constitution says life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some more smart guys.

God Bless.

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