My Top 10 Fantasy Series

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  1. Wheel of Time Series: what I loved about it were the conversations. The storyline was superb but the characters became real because of how they spoke to one another and developed. Admittedly the series seem to drag towards the end but the great transformation of the main three protagonist boys at the end were amazing. I also love their theory of magic in their world. YOU CAN BET I WILL INCORPORATE IT IN MY OWN WORK.
  2. Lord of the Rings Series: I don’t know how so many people say they are fantasy fans and have not read Tolkien masterpiece. its from Tolkien you learn how to set up a scene, progress characters while maintaining the original distinct traits, incorporate twists in a story that even though its fantasy it is realistic. Tolkien is synonymous with Epic. And underdog tales are so endearing, especially when the final moment is beyond what you envisaged.
  3. Harry Potter Series: Is there a need to even evaluate the miraculous work of art. I mean this book is the king of conversation on this list, it loses out to the top only because WoT has more romance and LotR has that great uplifting moment that get you in return of the kings. Rowell gave a gift when she invited us onto her world. I am a serious fan of school, adventure, fantasy…anything that the protagonist learns and evolves. Probably my eternal student sticking out. Hey guys what you favourite spell?
  4. Sword of Truth Series: This series may have been lower in the list, not because it is bad (the others are just that good) but for two key attributes; The philosophy of it and Richard’s development as a fighter. The concepts/ideals raised and explored have so intrigued me that I am exploring that concept in one of my novels. As for Richard’s fighting prowess I will let you see for yourself, to me, it surpasses the attraction from his intellect which is how he solves the challenges in the book
  5. Malazan Book of the Fallen: This is the best military fantasy with the best dark humour. You need a very broad but sharp mind to get the best in my opinion. Remember all the characters and what happened to them, keeping track of timelines etc. But once you do, your mind explodes. This books may have even edged out Harry Potter if not for the complexity as the conversations are better suited to me now as an older reader.
  6. Mistborn Trilogy
  7. Song of Ice and Fire Series
  8. The KingKiller Chronicles
  9. The Starlight Archive
  10. Drizzt Do’urden Series

(p.s. descriptions may come subsequently…I am just so lazy…continue the second half later….yaaawwn)

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