What do you do if you wake up and your life is not what you want it to be?

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First, very few people like every aspect of their life and even fewer people are living the lives they envisioned 5, 10 or 15 years ago…so don’t panic.


Have you calmed down yet…good.

Okay now bring out that old goal list, what was number one (hope it was not be a billionaire like I had) cause as much as it is possible it is unlikely- how many billionaires are there anyway? Therefore, our goals need a little adjustment.

But if that was not your problem, secondly these passed years have not been a waste…has it?

Write down what you have accomplished in that period:

…for me I thought I was a failure as an investment banker because I hated the hours and the excess workload…and I couldn’t see the people I was helping passed the models in front of me. But I realised that I have actually improved my modelling and presentation skills…my work contributed to job creation and expansions of businesses…and I can also analyse financial statements and investigate the cash flows of a corporate. In fact, although I have never done it before for any organisation, I understand how to manage working capital which is one of the best skills for any business; even if I don’t stay with finance this are skills and achievements I have- I own it.

Have you seen now how much you have grown and changed?

Okay so what is it you actually want to do…time to restrategise…is this still the goal? If so what are the steps to get to it?

Be as detailed as possible.

See who is doing what you want and what are their qualifications.

…for me my passion is media, I love stories of all kinds movies, series, books, webnovels, manga, anime, comics etc. so I have started writing and have been able to maintain my write everyday goal even if I have nothing to say (not only for this blog, but I have a web novel “Mage of Binding“) which is something I picked up from a masterclass of one of my favourite authors.

I also love to teach and want to improve my country so I am preparing for a (PhD) degree in sustainable development or data science for public policy.

You should also talk to other people you trust who care about you and can give constructive advice.

My priest likes to say people are always saying ‘I’ll…I’ll’ while all he is hearing is ill ill. But when they say ‘we’ll…we’ll’ he hears well well. We need a community to achieve anything…no one can do anything alone (even God is a trinity, Allah worked through his prophets and how many Buddas are there again?)

In conclusion, your life may not be where you want it but until it is over you still have a chance to do something about it…start first by changing your attitude, it isn’t as bad as you think but you equally don’t have to settle…you can change it.

God bless.




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