Fun… before the Sun is Out

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Sometimes we just like to dance before work:

It’s are morning cardio and relaxation routine.

Hey don’t knock it till you try it…for people like me who love to dance…actual got to dance to survive…waking up knowing I am going to dance makes me happy.

I will probably never be a musician or a professional dancer (my professional dancer friends say I have enthusiasm and energy but lack coordination and swag…but what do they know… oh right they are professionals)

But I am serious about my dancing…it is more than a workout.

It gives me joy and centers me. Makes all my worries disappear. In fact, I asked my people what is the one thing I am known for and they all responded dancing.

So case in point how can I blog without showing my moves.

For more hilarity of Dr. Ezy’s amateur moves aspiring to be professional, check out my youtube channel: Chukwuezugo Onuekwusi



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