Tales of a crybaby

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So I don’t know how it is for other guy but I have always felt my emotions strongly.

In fact, I was a crybaby through out my primary and secondary school education and not just for pain.

I cried out of frustration when the girl I liked was removed from my romantic co-actor in a play we were performing, I cried out of excited in Lord of the Rings when Aragon came to save the day, I cried in sadness when my homeroom and English teacher passed away.

And even now a great scene in a movie can still bring tears to my eyes…

Before I used to be ashamed of it…because people would ask me questions like, ‘how could you be crying for that?’ or ‘Are you a man?’

It got to the point that I started noting of my traits that are atypical for guys such as the fact that I would much rather read a book than watch any sport and I don’t see the attraction in cars…or should I say driving…let’s leave it at both.

But, now I think differently.

Yes, I know it is a good thing to be able to control your emotions but to be so stoic as to not feel then or to be so guarded as to deprive the ones you love from experiencing them with you is tragic to me.

That why I love the fact that I come from a very expressive family, who knows how to give a real hug…not the side pat or the lean in hug…but the one where you actually squeeze.

So as you can tell from my choice of title of my website (Moody) I am someone who feels (sometimes actually wish I could moderate it LOL)…

…and the greatest of feels I have ever felt is love

…and love is just another name for that mysterious thing we call God

So here is one crybaby telling you that I love you all and will probably cry when we celebrate, mourn, when life makes us irate, or sometimes just for fun.

God bless


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