Don’t procrastinate…because there is no better high than getting Sh*t done…son

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This title is something that my father could say to me…minus the profanity.

My dad is one for the big quotes…

As a child we had “genius without discipline leads to irresponsibility” pasted on our doors growing up and had to pray “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” whenever we passed by the crucifix near the stairs, to mention a few of his go to quotes.

But today this phrase got stuck in my head for so many reasons which I am going to share with my views on my blog and whoever sees it on my social media…wave to them zuggy…

So the first and obvious reason is that I got something done…Alleluia. I have been posting on this task since like July or maybe even earlier (as I grow older my memory is not what it is…especially for major monkeys that are a lot of work but don’t pay off immediately)

Therefore, a round of applause for me…thank you very much.

But more importantly, I saw a quote (yes my family likes quotes…even my sister will be posting them on the walls and mirrors and places posts should not go), which said set goals/plans and never quit or don’t give up or something along that line (this memory is becoming more serious of an issue).

Anyway finishing the task I set out to do without giving up despite all the time that had pasted and the person waiting on the deliverable losing faith in me (sorry Victor)…gave me such a great high that I am contemplating doing something risk, something life altering, something some may say is impossible:


Yeah, like what I did there with the echo,

But, how is it possible, to stop procrastinating, there is so much to do and so little time…well I tend to like that Important/Urgent quadrant to prioritize and then set timelines(…and then usually I just do what the H*ll I want); now I will follow through.

And when you lack the motivation, I like a quote by Matt Damon in Martian, at the end of the film he says break things into small pieces and address one then the other then the other and soon the job is done…I paraphrase and utilize my poetic licence.

So go out and get high…

God bless

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