Lol…the things we make our subordinates do

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So I have had interns under me while working as an Analyst and Associate, even though I have yet to be a manager (currently building my own policies and procedures for my department so that might happen soon…yeah), but have you actually sat down to ponder some of the weird things we heard people make or even ourselves have made people below us in our organisation do.

This goes beyond the get coffee and lunch…

I will share some stories that stood out for me from my part of the world and hope to get comments with your’s.

So, the leader for me was my mum, granted it was at a conference and the employee who was subordinate to her…as she is the boss (go mum)…was already tasked with taking pictures to cover the event.

However, my darling mother added something extra.

She asked, quite nicely I should add, for him to make sure he took a picture of a particular attendee at the conference as she had plans to make the same hairstyle as said person.

Classic mum…

Truth to God, I have seen the email with the picture attached. But I guess as a guy, I just don’t understand black women and their hair.

The next example is funny and depressing at the same time.

Presently, a certain state government in my country is a bit frozen due to election complications.

As such one of the senior government staff sent a memo to an intern:

Please help me download Mad Men Season 01…

…and a list of five other shows with some full seasons or some specific episodes.

Guess he can added “Technical skills with video and media” to the typical inflated CV.

Finally, there is always the old faithful shopping run for anything from fabrics to moi moi (a Nigerian food made from beans) to unfortunately personal products…

I know they are some other horror stories which required people to be out at 2am looking for a particular blend of coffee (Yes I came back to the coffee example…seemed like an appropriate way to end.) but those gruelling moment give us a strength we don’t know we have and don’t worry we don’t have to take that BS for so long…soon we will be the bosses; so I leave you with this words- do better.

God Bless

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