Persistence in Business

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So I have been writing a lot of pieces about failure and not quitting (hope you have been enjoying them..) and receiving a lot of responses (even links to books I should read…thank you).

Therefore, this morning I will be sharing my own failure in running a business…

Remember my piece on my start up company, better to call it start up idea, as despite all my business knowledge, I didn’t do the thinks you needed to do.

I had envisioned the company more than 4 yrs ago now and have gone through so many partners and developers just because of my own inertia. I have never been satisfied with the minimum viable product so even my discussions with the intended beach-head market have been lukewarm at best and just doesn’t have the numbers.

And in our age of internet start-ups, speed seems to be the only quality everyone harps about. However, as necessary as speed is, I think that perseverance and consistency are greater qualities for a budding entrepreneur and a start up business.

So, I have been four years plus in the making of my business idea and I have finally met the developer that I am satisfied with the simplicity and ease of use of his designs.


I am sure there  are similar businesses to what I am proposing and I have already seen one in my country called which will remain unnamed to prevent competition.

Now, is the time for speed.

As my business is still a concept I have to test it out in the market but I have been laying the ground work for the business research…for 4 yrs…so hopefully we can get favourable results.

Therefore, I live you with this message

It is never too late…till you stop trying

God bless



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