How often do we check our number of followers?

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We all do it.

I am guilty of it too…everyone has something to say and we want to make sure people are listening.

We even compare number of followers and now smart people have noticed this need so there are companies where you can buy followers and apps to increase number of followers.

There are a lot of studies that show how social media is affecting our individual productivity or how the endorphin high from the constant social media interactions are bad for the brain but there is equally data on people who have succeed in their chosen careers because of social media or being social influencers and we all know how crucial digital marketing is to a business.

I think the crux is whether you have a goal or purpose for it or whether you are just unconsciously going with the flow.

There is a reason why there are so many different types of social media platforms and that is because they serve different purposes and most of the broader platforms allow you to segment friends and acquaintances or make your account private.

Me, personally, I am a fan of WhatsApp as the social media app for friends because it only has access to people who you have their numbers.

I use instagram to advertise my business and Facebook and Linkedin primarily to showcase my writing (personal and professional) and Twitter to know what is happening around me. I sent close friends on Facebook and also use it to track birthdays.

I will admit I look for funny videos or good dance moves on instagram and twitter. However notifications are off always and I am a fan of social media limiting apps like Space, Off the grid, Freedom, Antisocial etc

I think if we realized how much time we spent on social media being unproductive or better way of putting it would be to say not taking action towards what mattered…we also would have the discipline to regulate our consumption.

Now, my family knows that when I am on social media in excess…there is trouble.

Therefore, I leave you with this message, if sh*t hits the fan how many of your followers will be willing and able to help but we spend so much time pandering to their likes and needs that celebrating the real connections in our lives. Yes, I know gofundme has saved lives with contributions from random strangers, but in my experience, no one goes to gofundme and just looks for a cause…the link is sent to them by someone they have an actual relationship.

God bless


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