See beauty in the simple things…

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Lagos is a very stressful place to live, even if you are fortunate to be living in a middle class income household or above.

The city is polluted, there is unexplainable and explainable traffic, extortion from the people who are to be protecting you and there are a lot of security issues as you hear stories all the time.

Therefore people in this city are all carrying baggage with them every minute that they are not even aware.

This video was recorded on a very stressful day for me where I was fit to blow…I don’t even remember what were the stressors (I sha know Apapa gridlock traffic was part of it) but all I can recall is that this skyline calmed me down

…I saw it out my window as me and my guy returned to the island and I was like, “So you mean God creates such beauty even if there is so much mess we make of it.”

Moments when the spirit makes itself felt are my great joy.

And that is the great spirit within all of us, we can create beauty as well and we should take time everyday to do so.

But even if this intimidates you, we should at least take time to appreciate beauty and realise this life is a gift because we are aware enough about it to make changes… and being able to change our life, our perspective or our attitude, is beauty in itself.

God bless.

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