Try to tempt you… Mage of Binding Chapter 1


So I am writing a Web novel, MoB, because I love fantasy in all its forms and never want the story to end…

So I am dumping the first chapter here:

Chapter 1: A Little Town in the Middle of Nowhere

“Jide, Jide, Get Out Here! Useless no good orphan. You are being feed to muck out the stables and clean the gutters not to sleep” a rotund man with a sullied apron bellowed as he kicked in the door to a small cubby under the stairs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you ask, there was no one in the cubby.

“Where is that useless boy?”

“He went to deliver the pies you made for Madam Titi’s tea party.” someone responded from the bar.

“Well, he should be back by now. I sure hope he is not troubling Miss Nnenna again or Madam Titi will be in here to hound me.” the rotund man harrumphed.

A slim, short woman with a mean face and a pointed nose came down the stairs followed by a couple maids. She looked at the rotund man and said, “Well  you know that Miss Nnenna is very different from her mother…hm….she is always getting into fights, walking around with a dagger and disturbing her father’s guards to teach her how to use a sword. So unbecoming of a lady.

“It’s because of that useless boy. He has his head either up in the clouds or stuck in a book and he keeps telling her all these ridiculous stories of knights and mages and magic. Oh my useless sister running of with that nobleman’s son then coming back a disgrace and with a kid.”

“Hmm, I told you we should have sent him to the beggar’s guild but you keep saying his family.”

“Leave me alone woman”

Meanwhile in an abandon ruin on the outskirts of town, two 12 or 13 year old children are running around having a grand adventure.

A tall athletic girl with long black hair but tied back in a braid, is fencing against multiple opponents with a stick while a slim boy with broad shoulders and an oversized head is trying to move his big feet to keep up with her.

“Come on Jide, attack the magical beasts.”

“Not magical beasts Nnenna, monsters, I keep telling you, according to the books, magical beasts are sentient but they’re a myth anyway.  Monsters are what we have in the wild and forbidden areas and towards the Eastern border of the Kingdom.”

“Ha ha ah ha. Who cares. I can’t wait to leave this little town and go on an adventure.” Just as she said this, she jumped on to the debris before her to strike a pose.

“Nnenna, be careful…” Jide warned, but it was too late.

The debris gave way and she slide down an underground shaft.

“Nnenna! Nnenna! Are you okay?” Jide panicked.

“Cough, cough. I am alright. Just a little bruised. I should be able to climb back up. Wait, why is there light underground. Jide I am going to explore.”

“No come back. I have to return to the inn anyway. Please hurry back up.”

“Just wait. I will be quick.” Nnenna said as she dusted herself and stood up. The underground tunnel looked man-made with rough designs on the walls. The light came from some glowing crystals that shone in blue and ultraviolet. Nnenna could here the dripping of water. It seemed this had been a basement of some sort and the stairs and the door she fell through had been worn through by water.

Nnenna began to explore the basement. It lead straight with no deviations and had more murals on the walls. She couldn’t see clearly but it looked like paintings of different types of beasts. She started getting frightened but a daring girl like her continued on.

The end of the path expanded into a triangular room that had two squares on each side. The squares were holes but only three of them had things in them. Nnenna was two curious to resist, so she walked to the nearest one and reached for the object inside. Unknown to her, as soon as she touched the spherical object inside, a little bit of her blood seeped into it. Nnenna marvel at the beauty of the sphere, she felt that for a mini-second when she first picked it up it had been heavy but now it weighed nothing.

As she was still marvelling at the sphere, she heard a sound behind her.

“Hey Nnenna. Why did you take so long? I got worried. What is this place?” Jide asked as he entered apprehensively.

“I don’t know help me gather the spheres. I will give you one but the other is for my dad.”

“Okay…wah, why is such a small thing so heavy?”

“What are you saying its not…huh. Are they different weights? Let me see yours.”

Nnenna walked over to Jide and tested the weight with confusion all over her face.

“They are all heavy to me.” Jide said “Anyway, let’s go I have to get back.”

As evening arrived, the kids climbed out of the tunnel and rushed back to their respective houses with different responses waiting for them. Jide returned to a beating while Nnenna’s father was pleased with his new gift and kept it on display.

At midnight, a hooded figure slowly walked towards the town followed by three people who looked like warriors from their dressing.

A croaked voice said, “you two should wait in the woods nearby, you look like deranged killers. Nze come into town with me. At least you can pass for a guard for an old man like me, ha ha ha. I hope I find what I am looking for in this little town in the middle of nowhere.”

God bless

2 comments on “Try to tempt you… Mage of Binding Chapter 1”

  1. Yay! This is different from what you read to me ages ago, but since you misplaced that book, I guess this is a fresh start. Good start though. I was afraid it would be a Nigerian twist on the Harry Potter franchise, but so far, not really. Fingers crossed for more goodness.

    Liked by 1 person

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