The Power of Writing

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As a blogger and a budding author I try to write… a lot.

So obviously I enjoy writing and I am already biased to think that it is amazing.

However, although I will also talk about how great and power and therapeutic writing is for me (and how I think everyone should write…at least journal and leave behind  a memoir of your life), I think people are beginning to forget the power of writing in the little things as well.

I was having a conversation with a very interesting person who has anxiety about travelling because they feel they would always be forgetting something. I quickly suggested making a list and her response was that she always did. It wasn’t until we were well into describing a scenario where she was sure she had packed something, she ended up still forgetting that I discovered this “list” was mental.

As impressive as the mind is, unless you have a photographic memory I am sorry to tell you but your brain lies to you…forgets things…remembers imaginations as reality and vis versa…Therefor you need outside verification.

The classic example is policemen interviewing witnesses after a crime.

There are many other examples of little things that a simple list helps with from shopping lists to curb excessive spending, to itineraries when travelling so you don’t miss a thing, to goals and plans in other to make them SMART.

People forget that once you write something down, you give it form and make it concrete.

All that is left is to make yourself accountable to your writing.

Finally, I think everyone should try to write out the stories and experiences they have encountered whether or not they choice to share it with anyone else. There is something to be said for being able to go back and relive a day in your own words. And if you do share your stories, you get to see the impact your knowledge or experiences (the things that make you, you) can have on other people.

God bless

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