…young Love…all the excitement and angst

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I don’t know if I count as young love anymore… being no longer in my 20s.

I don’t even know if 20s is within the parameters of young love; usually you think of high schools and teenagers. The innocence and beauty of it.

I hope it is still that way but I have been told that children of nowadays are more jaded and social media is not helping.

I remember my secondary school days and my first real love (I say real because I have had crushes since I can remember, even nursery school self)…I was still eleven years old and she was and still is one of the finest girls I have ever seen. We had been cast together in our cultural day drama and I was essentially over the moon.

Unfortunately, the girl can’t act to save her life.

But that was not my concern. So when everyone wanted to switch her with another competent actress, I fought it so hard that I even started crying…Lol.

However that young love never budded.

My First relationship was not until two years later and I was a hopeless romantic and such a naive and innocent little boy. I made gifts for her that I know now were horrendous and she only accepted them with that look in her face because she was as equally infatuated as I was. In fact, the farthest this innocent relationship ever went was holding hands, don’t know if it was a courage thing or I was just clueless on the signals and timing.

I have so many other stories like that…because I am a hopeless romantic and like thoughtful gestures to show people I am thinking of them…which is why I say I still am in young love but I have to confess I have my own angst.

Because of the complications of who I am/was, someone that is not very astute with phones and social media, I have had a lot of relationships die due to communication. I am all excited, emotional and available when we are in the same vicinity but as soon as you go far, absence does not seem to make the heart grow fonder.

Its not that I don’t think of the person. For instance my college girl and I had an amazing relationship up until the point of thanksgiving break. I thought about her everyday through out the holiday and kept wanting to call a floweriest near where she lived to send her flowers and cards and chocolates but something always came up…(my procrastinating again). So by the time we were back in school she was not pleased and I was not yet experienced enough to handle her anger and or understand that she just need some attention- so it died in the natural progression of things.

Haven said all this, I like the fact that my attractions, love, relationships are usually innocent, not I use the word innocent not pure…sorry Lord I have seen against you…or a better word might be sweet or romantic and now with age they have been getting deep as I know love is an active, constant choice that needs to be Total, Free, Faithful and Fruitful.

I currently have all the excitement…here is hoping I keep my angst in check. Wish you all the same butterflies each and everyday with your loves.

God bless.



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