What is the future of learning?

The revolution is already starting, if you don’t believe me would you rather go to a university or an incubator?

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It is very important to spot trends and look ahead.

It is already apparent since the development of online learning platforms like:

  • Adobe Captivate Prime.
  • Docebo LMS.
  • Talent LMS.
  • The Academy LMS.
  • ExpertusOne.
  • Dokeos.
  • Scitent.
  • Coursera.

…that universities need to adapt or die… so now you have online degrees and micro programs (and Edx).

But the disruption will be more massive than that… literally. I see a world with no more physical schools at all, from nursery all the way to university.

I imagine gyms and playgrounds designed like jungle gyms, with organic farms and animal pens. I see engineering workrooms or project rooms with robotic tools and virtual learning stations connected to AI and databanks.

After all the future of work is freelance and collaboration with rental workstations (…in fact space is space and it should not be static it should be dynamic, transformable- combine Airbnb with Workstation…like a stage in a drama, huh …next blog topic GOT) so parents will be around for child upbringing.

Virtual reality and games will have a lot to play in it… I still remember how Mavis Beacon thought me typing and I was like do that for all the other classes and I won’t skip school.

…And them many years later, I discovered Scratch, through CS50x.

The most import things to learn will still be STEM because they explain the laws of our environment but you will also need to learn- Languages because at the end of the day if you can’t communicate you are isolated; by languages I mean the major world language which is algorithm and rules of syntax because besides the fact that AI translators can take over the role of tradition language… any other language is just the interface (are you thoughts in English, French, Hausa, Images, concepts etc; …when I say smile do you see “SMILE” or just smile.) and can be learnt in 3 months (Fluent in 3 months proves it)

The revolution is already starting, if you don’t believe me would you rather go to a university or an incubator?

The arts will reign supreme and I mean the creative arts not those economist and sociologist. (Datascience will eliminate most of that with proper record keeping.)

Creative will be the game changer. Content is king. Yes engineers can understand the same principles but there is a difference between an iPhone, Samsung, Infinix etc.

However, we will also need to include wellness education. Oneness, community, connection. There is a lot of wisdom we have abandon because of new discoveries, like that food is medicine, we were made for motion, we are social creatures but even God needed to take a rest on the seventh day.

Well, this is the trend I am seeing… I maybe wrong…after all I am an economist:

One the one hand… but on the other hand

said every Economist

God bless

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