Feeling Moody

The Moody in my title aspires to be a standard in information but also reflects my bipolar nature.

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So I know most people pick their blog page name to-be catchy or marketable as it becomes their brand.

I picked mine because it is meant to be truthful. My bio describes a lot about me, but not everything… We are all more than any profile.

The Moody in my title aspires to be a standard in information but also reflects my bipolar nature.

And since, well before, Easter Monday I have been feeling “moody”

For me, it starts with inability to sleep, more excitable, more socially active on social media. But the usually spendrift, impulsivity and racing thoughts for the mania legends were absent so felt under control.

Plus I was taking my medicine Judiciously

However with the extensive research that my medical doctor mother has done… Finding experts like Dr Kelly Brogan and Dr. Mark Hamen (I think she the Mayo clinic guy) and Dr. Amen; plus all the books like power of habit, philosopher’s notes, daily love, chang your brain change you life….

I realise that the traditional approach to treatment is necessary but fauled. My journey with these multiple pit stop in-patient care are acute responses when things have excallated.

The real treatment I the change in lifestyle and I can still tell my story now for those of us struggling in the gutters…

You are not alone… I am here with you.

A great book Square one advises users to put their lives in four quadrants and optimise and balance them: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

So everyday why will you do to keep in balance,as a unit and as a whole?

Like I shared in the landing page I am all about finding truths and quiet frankly truth are subjective (math and physics would like to argue otherwise but they don’t even agree on the beginning not to talk of the end but still argue on even what the right question should be. In fact they pride themselves on conjectures they know/believe thy can’t solve…lol)

So like I started I was moody… Had a lot I want to do so was not sleeping enough. Still remembered to pray like Jesus for Him to grant me His Peace.

And it worked….. Everything (God is the only Constant)

In conclusion, I ended up admitted into the hospital, which I initially resisted, until I remembered you gain control by surrendering. And now I have joy, happiness and purpose again.

This is my truth… This is how I have accomplished all that I have and all that I will.

I surrender to Love and God is love and love can only exist where it can be expressed through free will which comes from the grace of the spirit God breath into us…

…therefore take time to breathe.

God bless.

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