Quick, quick, Slow, slow, is the secret to the mastery of Time

People, yours truly inclusive, haves the same complaint for anything not enough time

I have to work, I have to get the kids ready for school, have to finish that project in work and its on a tight timeline. But still make time for that which matters ….lol

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People, yours truly inclusive, have the same complaint for anything… not enough time.

I have to work, I have to get the kids ready for school, I have to finish that project at work and it’s on a tight timeline. But we still make time for that which matters ….lol

However people say time is finite and you must target your priorities (remember that urgent, important quadrant). There is obvious wisdom to address what is most important first when you have the most energy and concentration.

However, there is something I want to ask, when did time start, what is its beginning and end? Therefore what do you mean by an early start. Time is oblivious to all the markers we use to define it: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years (revolutions around other celestial bodies).

I am not saying that people don’t usually have peak energy in the mornings after breaking their fast during sleep. (more on food and fasting next issue), But energy and concentration level vary throughout the day and from person to person.

The Universe is just in a constant state of entropy and expansion which created this entity called time as particles interact and energy transforms from one form to another; but how do we mirror the infinite and finite nature of time- by releasing we are subsets of time.

And by this I mean our whole life is a sub-set of time; but it goes further in that every phase of your life and your activities are also sub-sets of your own time and the wider universe time.

There is a phrase from a movie that I love too much it goes something like this:

…there are infinities, with infinities.

The Fault in Our Stars

This is also true for time, there are infinite amounts of times within infinite time when you look at relatively. During your one phone call home to make sure the kettle is off, other microorganisms have formed under mitosis and then meiosis. And we even see bigger more recognised animals like the humming bird that by their very nature rush to their death.

But in this relatively smaller infinite time they lived, they experienced almost the full spectrum of their exists.

Therefore for us human’s to reclaim our mastery over time we must be willing to do two things. First solve our own personal schedule problem (which is a nightmare for mathematician) but thankfully we are looking for synergy that gives more motivation to cross peaks and maintain momentum through troughs (this is where we prioritise).

Secondly, you must embrace the relative nature of time and intentional slow down doing activities when the time permits. Repeatedly carrying out activities at the optimal slowest pace during period of “longer” time subsets builds the capacity for explosive and accurate execution during period of “shorter” time subsets.

And this is something we all forget, rushing to carry out the new task with the same speed and gusto we had before.

However, just watch tai chi masters practice…they endeavour to be slower and slower to sink the correct form into their body so deeply that it transcends instinct and becomes chi and inner power.

In conclusion, the perfect proof is how things we enjoy seem to run fast while tedious boring tasks take forever. Its the same time, we just need to change our attitude and keep in mind the goal. Either do the routine very slow so you become faster later or perform the rewarding activity slower to savour it. But ultimately as you noticed in the upper sentence you always start slow. The only reason it is quick quick slow slow is the hope you correct the mistakes you made when going quick before the slow; iterate until you get to perfection.

God bless

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