Mage of Binding Chp 8: Disappearance and escape

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Nnenna could not remove her hands from the sphere that was now the size of a treasure chest but still weightless. She glanced behind her and saw Jide sprawled on the floor along with the maid. However, she started to feel an energy moving from the sphere into her body. It felt rich and exhilarating and she was convinced she could do anything at this point.

A little while later, the sphere fully cracked open with a burst of energy and the lights fade. Weight returned to her hand and Nnenna had to drop the most unusual creature she had ever seen as she could not support it.

The creature was a cross between a tiger and lizard with black and mercury scales all over its body that looked like plated armour. It was the size of a big dog after unfolding itself with gleaming claws and sharp fangs. Nnenna could feel weird cluster of emotions and impressions in her mind that weren’t her own. She soon realised they belonged to the creature before her and was shocked.

At this point, the sounds of her mother and father’s worried voices could be heard as they drew closer to her room. Nnenna reached for a blanket to hide the creature but just as she was about to cover it, she and the creature disappeared from the room.

Musa had seen the lights and felt the conflux of energy from Nnenna’s room. Even though, he could not explain what it was he knew it meant trouble as the other internal mages would notice and soon arrive. He had already tied up two horses outside the back gate and was only waiting for Jide and Nnenna to escape. Musa climbed up to Nnenna’s room to investigate, only to see the Anizoba’s frantically interrogate their daughter’s maid and Jide. They appeared to be some broken rocks on the floor and the little girl’s room was a mess. As Madam Titi grabbed Jide roughly, Musa broken through the window and separated the two, moving so quickly that he was already by the window with Jide before anyone knew he was there.

“AHHH!” Madam Titi screamed while Nnenna’s father put his body before his wife. However at the sound of guards rushing up the stairs, Nnenna’s parents relaxed and recognised the intruder as Musa.

“How…What are you doing here Musa? Did you take my daughter? If you hurt…” Just as Nnenna’s father was speaking a loud smashing sound came from the front gate accompanied by multiple screams of pain.

Musa did not hesitate.

He grabbed Jide, jumped out the window and raced to the horses.


“Osaze why did you smash the gate when we could easier scale the fence? He he he” Danjuma asked as he collected his throwing knifes from a corpse.


“Stop egging him on” Nze reprimanded.

“Enough.” their master stopped all discussions. “Quickly, move to…”

“COME BACK HERE MUSA! WHERE IS NNENNA?” Nnenna’s father screamed, interrupting the old man, then the sound of horses galloping away came from the rear of the house.

“Osaze with me in the house. Nze, Danjuma follow them.” the old man quickly instructed.

Tunde Anizoba, rushed down the stairs shouting at Onos who was at the front door, “Hurry, after them!”

However, the next minute, the front door flew of its handle crashing into Onos and knocking him across the foyer. A gigantic man with a huge warhammer walked in oppressively.

However, Tunde’s guards would not be intimidated by just that. The two guards on the stairs charged at the brute in an attempt to pincer him. The struck at his leg and head, from the left and right, so he would have nowhere to dodge. However, the man moved as a blur and the two attacking guards had their chest and head caved in respectively before they could even reach him.

Tunde realised now why Musa had fled so quickly as these attackers were inhuman. He was glad his daughter was not in the house anymore. He could only regret that his wife was still her and wished he had listen to Jide’s warning to leave immediately. He turned back to look at his wife Titi, beseeching her to run if she saw a chance. However, the woman just walked down the stairs and gasped his hand saying with a smile, “Our daughter is safe.”

Looking back to the front of the house he saw an old man in a flowing robe with scars on every part of his body that could be seen. However, the old man was not looking at him, rather his eyes were locked onto the sphere that Nnenna had given him, as it glowed in its case.


On his masters command, Danjuma, whose element was wind, had pushed his ability to the maximum to increase his speed while Nze had rushed to the stables to find a horse. As Danjuma scaled the wall to give chase, he could only see the tracks and dust left behind by the horses but that was enough for him to follow. he knew he would not be able to maintain his max for a long time but he hoped he would be able to catch up before they left town.

Unfortunately for him, Musa had selected the finest horses the Anizoba’s had so instead of gaining on them he was actually losing them. Therefore, Danjuma decided to take a chance.

Based on their direction, it seems they were heading back towards the inn to get to the thoroughfare. So if, he took a more direct route through the rooftops, then maybe he would be able to gain some ground. His plan succeeded partly due to his increased speed but mostly because of the townspeople on the road, who had left their house to investigate all the happenings this night, obstructing Musa and Jide’s path.

Even though he had closed the gap, he could not maintain his maximum speed anymore so decided to attack the horses with his throwing knifes as he could hear Nze galloping up behind him. Just as the injured horse with the boy was slowing down, the man in black leather armour on the other horse reached out with amazing speed and grabbed the boy transferring him to his horse.

On seeing this, Danjuma froze and screamed, “Mage.”

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