Munch, munch, can’t get enough…right?

My weight fluctuates like the stock market…it starts with a well intentioned diet slow digesting carbs, lean meats lots of greens.

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My weight fluctuates like the stock market…it starts with a well intentioned diet, slow digesting carbs, lean meats, lots of greens and fibre. At first I am so excited I am becoming health and mighty. And the meals look colourful; the enthusiasm and willpower of the first week also makes them taste great.

Then you are out on the street, minding your own business, when a whiff of a Burger King meal spreads through the atmosphere and you feel your stomach literal cringe. That is the right word because the sugar rich, GMO, processed and gluten abundant food we eat now are not inherent deadly but just toxic and addictive at the amounts we consume them to be satisfied.

So we are going through withdraw.

Taste, taste, you can get a taste… and then a week later we sneak in another bite until by the end of the month, we throw out the diet with the baby and bathwater.

And it is clearly logical and rational so don’t beat yourself up. We humans were not always at the top of the food chain so we scavenged and hunted and clawed for our next meal; eating protein rich bugs, the lower, hanging, almost overripe, fruits, easily accessible vegetable, quickly caught fish and bushmeat and small-scale pastorally farmed foods that we ate even after they fermented.

And guess what, our bodies and the microbes in our gut also grew up and evolved eating like this: healthy fats, proteins, leafy greens and ripened fruits with the occasional carbohydrates (no time for those mega wheat farms when your running away from sabre-tooth tigers).

In addition, success was not guaranteed so we went through significant period without food which today we now call fasting. And the body as wise as it is uses that process to remove toxins stored in the fat as well as gear up for the next feast.

Therefore, in the 21st century where we are throwing away food (pause here to understand that we are throwing away food when people die of hunger everyday) because we have excess and an alarming variety to munch on, obesity has cropped up, too show the effects of our never enough mentality.

The solution is simple you are what you eat and there should be a balance between energy in and energy out for fitness. But this statement is profound in many levels because it speaks to our mental, social, physical and spiritual “bodies”

So what are you munching on right now?

God bless.

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