Too each his own…

too much knowledge had opened my eyes and so in my pride I thought I should dictate how the world should go… however a wiser man than me says the master must be the servant of all.

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I have shared some of my views on radical and benign topics in the course of this blog.

However, even to me these views evolve as I learn, unlearn and relearn.

The only overarching truth is that those points were my truths at that point in time. It is just like as you grow taller your perspective changes, so as I experience more of life and hear more people’s stories, one cannot but help to shift their views based on their belief.

I am still a Roman Catholics, I still believe in Capitalism for efficiency with governmental intervention to target equity. I still think leverage offers a multiplier effect when applied to investments.

That human beings are neither inherently good or bad but responded to incentives based on their wisdom and knowledge.

I realise that success is a personal vision of owns aspirations and is an equally moving and ceiling target.

I know that I am not perfect despite my knowledge and good intentions, and in fact my actions disappoint and displease my God… Even though he still loves and looks after me.

I agree that choice is who we are and it is out power to influence the world but requires a paradigm shift in thought to transcend our environment and even our own consciousness that has been shaped by both ourselves but largely by the environment.

I recognise that human beings, like light, are composed of particles and waves(energy). We all have a field or aura given by the synaptic firing through out our body… So we must seek the right materials (food, sleep exercise) and surrounding wave (relationships, challenges, purpose) in the atmosphere to harmonize and grow.

Ultimately, the flesh is from dust and will return to dust…the spirit which is our identity, which is more than our minds but is our will, is what is everlasting… And our faith and actions determines the dimensions of this willpower.

Moreover, love is the only nourishment for this spirit or soul as you call it.

Also competition is health but the knowledge or awareness that your greatest opponent is yourself and your dark tendencies is paramount. In addition, collaboration is healthier but runs on acceptance which requires a certain level of EQ.

Everything should be in motion and everything is transitory so you should be anchored and present only in the Now, acknowledging and learning from the actions in the past while anticipating and preparing for what is yet to come. Leave regret and anxiety behind. Things work out into good (or at least you can ensure good in everything you have control over) .

I felt like I had to share a bunch of life truths rather than focus on one because I am recovery from a crisis…

I had not kept to my truth and allowed my world to deviate of it’s axis… If you have read Mistborn series you know how problematic that could be and what it takes to correct.

However this just revealed another truth of life which is that there are as much ups as there are downs and you should not pray the downs away, rather experience them fully they are here for a reason.

God bless.

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