As Humans, which is greater the sum or its parts?

So I hear how people claim they are the same everywhere.
I call bullshit.
You cannot be the same person with your wife that you are with your boss.

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So I hear how people claim they are the same everywhere.

I call bullshit.

You cannot be the same person with your wife that you are with your boss. Just like the arms are different from the legs, the personalities of an individual are distinctively as different as the parts of the body. What I can agree to is a core value you have been faithful to so far.

However, continuing our body analogy, we are learning that the connectivity between the body parts is beyond what we initially assumed. We have all heard of blind or deaf people having other senses enhanced but the integration goes further in Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine treats the body holistically, attempting to treat the root cause and not just the symptoms. They recognise the strong role the environment and diet play in health and require a full detailed medical history in order for a proper diagnosis. This is because everything about the body is related.

paraphrasing of Evolution of Medicine

Basically a head ache does not just need an aspirin it maybe caused by fatigue, poor diet, an argument with your spouse, a childhood trauma that was initial repressed… which is what needs to be resolved.

Therefore, functional medicine practitioners recognise that the whole body is more than just the parts or the segmentations that tradition medicine gives it.

Similarly, there is more to your person than any one action, thought, belief, choice, situation or consequence. But they constitute part of who you are. In fact, it is ironic that some of your most treasured ideals could be conflicting.

Is it that amazing? The mind can contain contrasting thoughts simultaneous (evolution and creation) and while identifying the difference also search for connections and synergies. 

Likewise, the different faces or hats we wear in different situations and with different people are not hypocritical to me as long as you remember you are no one adjective: (good, bad, naughty, smart, convivial, erudite, etc.)

You are your choices – you are only a hypocrite when you claim certain actions in a particular situation but when the situation present you are not true to your choice.

Therefore, I say, proudly express the different facets of your personality and be aware that the total, all encompassing you, is more fabulous than all your strength and shortcomings. It from these different faces that your different choices manifest and ultimately create the individual we call “you.”

So spotlight on, “WHO ARE YOU?”

God bless

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