Conversations of a morbid revelation.

“Hey, Mark do you have any friends, people you hang out with?”

Mark responded, “well they are not traditional friends in the way you implied but I read a lot of books and the characters become real to me. I know how they will react and can have conversations with them.”

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Hello Readers,

I will be trying to share truth in another form, my tradition form, story telling:

Scott Hasen had dedicated his life to teaching middle school children, a decision that thoroughly annoyed his father, because he felt that to change the world you need to guide people’s mindset while it was still formative.

However, Scott had never met a kid like the in his 12 years of teaching.

Mark was a straight A student who caused no waves but he was also not close to any particular person his age. This was not to say he was anti-social as he was a member of the renown chess and even debate team. But he some how managed to be present in the background.

We knew he was around we just didn’t notice him

…is how an anonymous student described him before the incident.anyonymous

It was only recently that Scott had noticed Mark’s tendencies to fade away in a crown and decided to have a chat with him. The two of them were now at a coffee shop close to school as Scott didn’t want to give the impression that anything was wrong.

He looked at Mark sipping his hot chocolate and decided to dive in.

“Hey, Mark do you have any friends, people you hang out with?”

Mark responded, “well they are not traditional friends in the way you implied but I read a lot of books and the characters become real to me. I know how they will react and can have conversations with them.”

Mark’s seemingly innocent answer raised more flags for Scott, so the teacher pushed forward, “but are you close to anyone who is not a fictional character?”

Mark responded immediately, “yes my best friend, death.”

There was awkward silence as Scott realised he maybe in over his head and should have talked to a professional first.

But before the pause could throw Scott into full panic mood, Mark laughed out genuinely and grabbed a cupcake in front of him.

Scott sighed and said, “you have a weird sense of humour so who really is your best friend.”

Mark observed Mr. Scott squarely and said, “I didn’t lie I only laughed because you were thinking I am suicidal or a potential mass murderer. I have read a lot about their psyche and tendencies so it was amusing that ironically I share some of their character traits.”

On hearing this, Scott knew he had to pay full attention and be careful with every word. “So talk to me about your best friend and your relationship. You can also tell me about your other friends why they a mainly 2D not 3D.” Scott tried to lighten the mood at the end.

“Okay Mr. Scott but first I should tell you my fictional friends are not 2D but 4D or more. I know their history, their thoughts, their present and can infer their future. And they have influence on me and my actions so the manifest in our physical world through me and other means I may not be aware of if not won’t have so many deja vus.

“Secondly, death is my best friend because he/she is the only constant and impartial existence I know.”

Scott Hasen could not help but be intrigued by this kid’s answers.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“Yes I’m but I have the courage to face it.”

“Wait are you saying you wish to die?”

“No, I am say I am less afraid of life.”

“So why is death your best friend?”

“Well…how do I put this he gives meaning to life. So I live my life in communion with death knowing that I should not regret the only time period in my control which is now.”

“I think Lil Wayne said it best” Mark continued, “Life is a b*tch and Death is her sister. All he left out were that they were conjoined twins who survive inspire of and due to the other. “

A very long period passed and Scott was lost in thought, a bit respectful and frightened of this teenager.

“So what do you want our of life, what do you want to be?” Scott asked tepidly

“I want to cheat death.”

And now with as much attention as possible Mr. Scott Hasen asked Mark Schawts, “How?”

“Well, they are a couple of ways people try to gain immortality, through children, using wealth to build monuments, legacy companies, creative works that stand the test of time…but to me all that is ephemeral. Immortality exists when you realise your finite life has infinite impossibilities and there has always been only one time period, ever, NOW. So I choice to optimise the infinite present. My only regret is that I have not found real life companion to journey on this adventure with me…so for now they are all in my head. Okay now I will be leaving Mr. Hasen. This is the most time I am willing to give up.”

"Just remember it all boils down to choice and will."

As Scott Hasen watched Marks retreating small back that didn’t bend even in the crowded coffee shop. He realised that his concern had presented him with a gift. A bit of childish wisdom.

He only hoped he will not betray the trust of gaining this truth.

Hope you liked it!

God bless

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