Mage of Binding Chp 14: Break Through

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Unfortunately, Nnenna discovered that she only had enough energy to maintain her awareness and that even for a short time.

Shrinking back her consciousness of space to the standard 10-meters, Nnenna tried again to recreate the feeling of moving to any location in that radius. She could feel the energy within her connect with the energy around her and then her body moved and she was further along the road in an instant. She smiled at Kayto with euphoria then closed her eyes to repeat the action.

However, on moving another 10-meters forward she felt herself become dizzy and the drained feeling returned.

“Hah hah…” breathing deeply, Nnenna tried to relax and recover her energy. She leaned on Kayto who had been following along with her teleports.

“Hey Kayto…hah…did you see what I did. But I have to get stronger. I must be able to do it in a heartbeat and as many times as I need. But enough for now we have to hurry. We need strength to find Jide and Musa and get revenge so the sooner we get to the Oshodi Kingdom the better.”

saying this, Nnenna climbed onto Kayto’s back and proceeded forward on the road with the resolve to overcome all obstacles.

Time went on, and it had now been two weeks since Musa and Jide had left Mushin behind. In that time, Musa had mainly been teaching Jide movement techniques and his family’s style of martial arts but Jide was a clumsy kid who read more than he exercised so the training was slow. Therefore, Musa still held on to the bastard sword they had gotten from Nze and only practiced swordplay with sticks.

However their practice sessions were still eventful because what was more fruitful was Jide’s training in controlling his ability. Jide could now enter into a trance when he was stationary and relaxed and maintain his controlled visions for about a minute. When he managed to control his visions, Jide was limited to the immediate future and so he used that to prepare for spar with Musa.

However when his visions ran rampant, they would always last longer and Jide could see varied blurred images from varied points in time but he could not wake himself up at will. So Musa always had to wake Jide up from his visions after a few minutes and Jide would record everything he remembered.

Already, they had seen themselves meeting up with Nze and Danjuma again and even Nnenna with a much bigger reptilian tiger. Jide even saw an older version of himself in a grand room staring at a mirror while a steward helped him wear his battle armour with a great sword in a rack behind him. However, most of this visions were blurry to say the least and the images flashed too quickly to be remember clearly.

Musa interrupted Jide’s practice of the movement technique shadow waltz and said to him, “We will be arriving in the capital city, Akwa, in a week’s time. You need to be able to prevent yourself from going into a trance by then, so we are going to stop fighting training and focus on your ability control. Besides, I don’t think my family’s style fits you as you are too honest in your movements. To help you practice, there is a small town we will arrive in by tomorrow. We will stop there for news and supplies. This time when you practice keep your eyes open and try and hover between wakefulness and your trance state. I think more familiarity with the point of transition will help you end visions at will.”

Jide was about to sit down, when Musa added, “Practice it will moving around so you don’t get as comfortable.” After saying this, Musa proceeded with his own training as he had mastered the dark cloak ability and was not attuning to the corrosive power of the darkness element.

At first, Jide practiced the breathing and energy visualisation technique while just walking in a circle or moving his arms but did not feel comfortable. On remembering his vision of the great sword, Jide snuck a glance at Musa before going to retrieve the bastard sword from Musa’s horse.  He had practiced the basic sword moves with Musa, and although he was not any better at it, he preferred it to the sinister and underhanded martial arts and movement techniques.

As Jide gripped the hilt of the bastard sword, he realised he needed two hands to carry it because of it weight even though the sword was well balanced and this bastard sword was more like a great sword to a 13 year old boy.

Suddenly, a vision struck Jide out of his control but he wrestled to maintain his awareness and then a miraculous thing happened. The blurry vision of an older Jide practicing his sword skills with a great sword slowed down and the 13 year old Jide in the present, started moving along with his vision.

Musa had just managed to coat his dagger with a corrosive darkness essence when his awareness of the darkness around registered a threat. He turned towards it and saw Jide moving ever so slowly in a great sword routine with the bastard sword. As time went by, Jide moved slower and slower as he tensed and strained his muscles. Then when he stopped completely he started the routine again moving faster and faster until his sword was a blur.

Musa could only watch as Jide moved from one great sword style to another, some suited for single opponents others for multiple opponents while varying the speed of each style- slower and slower, then faster and faster.

One month after leaving Mushin, Nnenna stared into the distance and saw the border city of Omole. By now her spatial awareness was at 30 meters and this was also the limit of her short term teleport. This plus riding on Kayto, who was as big as a donkey but stockier and faster, had caused her initially slow journey to speed up towards the end.

She stroked Kayto sides then scratched the under of his jaw like he liked and said to the purring creature, “Alright Kayto, the real adventure starts from now.”

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