Mage of Binding Chp 15: Two years later

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Deep in the middle of a rich and lush forest filled with the roars of massive beasts and the vibrant fragrance of fauna, a teenage girl stood still amidst the trees. She wore dark brown armour and a dark green cloak that camouflaged well with the little sunlight underneath the canopy of the forest. She had a ornate but well used dagger at her waste and one could see the chain of a necklace at the back of her neck. She had shoulder length black hair that was tied behind her head and a serious but beautiful face. She had a longbow in her hand with a arrow nocked on the string but not drawn; the arrowhead seemed to be coated in a condensed black and mercury coloured essence with little cracks in space surrounding it.

Suddenly a massive reptilian tiger, the height of a horse but stockier and covered in black and mercury scales, appeared out of nowhere and charged at her. The teenage girl in the leather armour disappeared and reappeared behind the reptilian tiger before firing her arrow at it. As the arrow flew at the creature, a large spatial slash spread out from the arrowhead such that the reptilian tiger would be torn in two. However, space seemed to be locked near the creature and the arrowhead with the spatial slash attached could not travel any further. The creature then swiped its claws at the girl and a similar spatial slash but one that could travel on its own through the air flew towards the teenage girl. The girl immediately teleported accurately out of the way and reappeared perfectly on a branch above the creature before firing another arrow.

The girl and the creature continued their fight until the creature finally pinned the girl on the forest floor with a claw at her throat.

“Alright Kayto, you win again…ha ha ahah. I still need to learn so many abilities from you like transforming my spatial slash to be freeform instead of stagnant and your spatial block. It feels like in this two years besides my spatial slash, all I have perfected is my short range teleport and spatial awareness.” Nnenna said to Kayto as she reached up to scratch near his ears.

And indeed, the limit of Nnenna’s spatial awareness was now at 500m but she could not deal with all that information without focusing. However, she was able to maintain a 100m radius of awareness which she maintained constantly. She had learned the hard way to be on guard on her first night in the city of Omole when she had almost been killed by robbers while sleeping in her inn. Thankfully, Kayto had come to her rescue, actually killing her attackers.

It was then she realised that she would not be able to easily pass through the forest on the Northeast border to reach Oshodi Kingdom but more importantly she needed to be stronger to have control of her own life. Therefore, she had decided to not focus solely on her ability as she knew things my get complicated if people found out she could teleport but rather spend some time in Omole to learn how to defend herself.

Luckily for Nnenna, she was recognised as a beast tamer because of Kayto killing her attackers and so she was able to join the mercenary guild as a bronze level hunter. With her new identification, she was able to join a hunter’s team so she slowly learnt how to use the bow and her dagger while making friends along the way.

She was now on her first solo hunt to become a silver level hunter which was the target she had set for herself before going to Oshodi Kingdom. She took the opportunity alone to train with Kayto as she needed only one more kill, the tree-bark wolf to have met the criteria.

Then she would be returning to Omole, hoping that at least some of her friends would be willing to accompany her.

Musa looked at Jide as he calmly practiced his sword techniques with worry clouding Musa’s eyes. Jide was now above six feet tall with broad muscles across his back and chest and he had well defined abs as his time ability seemed to have spend up his ageing.

This was the source of Musa’s concern as he was not sure if this was the control issue of such a rare ability as time. But his only hope of finding answers was with his clan.

Jide was obviously now training with a proper greatsword in a large outdoor dojo within the territory that the assassin clan that Musa was from ruled behind the scenes. It had taken them almost two years to get back to Musa’s clans as Musa had escaped to a faraway place when he faked his own death. The reason being that Musa had to compete with another internal mage for the position of next family head and he knew that his opponent would ensure that he died during the competition. Unfortunately, as an assassin clan which was familiar with death his opponent who was also his cousin would be allowed to deal with him as he saw feat if he lost.

But now as an external mage, Musa was not worried about that. Musa and Jide were currently waiting in the town closest to his family’s secret headquarters as Musa did not want to bring Jide back to the clan’s hideout.

But he knew it would only be a matter of time before someone was sent to retrieve him.

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