Mage of Binding Chp 17: Leaving Omole for Oshodi

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Musa smiled as he removed the headgear of the assassin under his control. A pretty girl with disbelief in her eyes and a serious frown on her face glared at Musa.

“Ha ha haha so the old man sent you as well Ladi…or was it my idiot cousin. What were the orders exactly…eliminate or test or both? Well you can see I haven’t forgotten my training so can we head back to the clan now. Ladi why don’t you take care of your ‘sleeping’ men. Jide release the other one.”

Jide only pulled back and sheathed his sword without looking at Abdul, or Musa for that matter, for that matter and started heading back to his room in the Warrior’s Hut lodgings. During, the two years of travel, Jide had registered as a warrior in the mercenary guild of the State of Ife but his and Musa’s work as a guard during their journey had seen him admitted to the official warrior guild called the Warrior’s Hut. The dojo he was training in was part of the Warrior’s Hut reserved for mages which was why it was empty at this time.

Musa watched Jide as he left. He had noticed that sometimes Jide did not engage with people because he already knew what was going to happened. This was what he felt the control issue for Jide should ideally be but because he could not explain the rapid growth he was worried. There was just a lot he didn’t know about mages not to talk of the rare time element. Turning back to the four man squad, that was now awake, Musa said, “Try to keep up.”

Then Musa disappeared from the dojo on his way to the clan. Throughout this encounter no one noticed the shadow circling high up in the air that disappeared with Musa.

“So you’re telling me after everything I have done for you that you are leaving after only two years?” Nkeiru said with her stern voice.

“Since you joined us…” Nkeiru paused to sip some tea, then continued, “…you have kept your history as a mystery and even now you refuse to tell us, your hunting group, anything except from the fact that you are going to Oshodi Kingdom and you are asking my permission for anyone who is willing to be able to join you.”

Nkeiru stopped here and stared at Nnenna ferociously. Amaka and Obi who were behind Nnenna tried to shrink into the surrounding. Nnenna had already told Amaka that she would be leaving after she reached silver level and she had agreed to follow her. As for Obi, no one saw Nkeiru without him.

Nnenna could not immediately bring herself to responded and when she finally collected herself, she first bowed and said while still bowing, “I…I can never repay your kindness master but…but my secrets could endanger the lives of all of you as my enemies are not like anything you have ever seen…they…they…”

“What… what are they Knights?” Nkeiru said with ridicule but there was a strange light in her eyes.

Amaka started causing Nnenna to look at her with misgivings before turning back to Nkeiru and looking at her seriously, then saying only, “Yes.”

Silence descended upon the meeting room in the Night Owl’s top floor.

Nkeiru seemed to be wrestling with something but then she sighed and said, “You can go but you won’t be going alone. I assume that Amaka has already agreed to go with you but so will Obi.”

At this, shock was plastered on Nnenna’s and Amaka’s faces. Obi was Nkeiru’s grandson and they were always together. In fact, Obi served as Nkeiru’s guard except for when they were in the Night Owl’s headquarter.

“There is something I should probably tell you…Obi and I…are actually Knights as well.”

Nnenna was surprised.

After surviving the horrific night in Mushin and getting to Omole, Nnenna had lent more about Knights, Warriors, Monks or Fighters depending on which country you were in; they were essentially all internal mages as Musa had said and they were only three such people in the whole of the State of Ife: the crown prince, the royal adviser, who was the brother of the King and a commander in the army.

It was possible that they could be more mages who were just hiding their ability but it was more likely to be people from other countries and kingdoms who have relocated to the State of Ife as the mage blood in their country had been diluted extensively.

Nkeiru smiled at Nnenna’s shock and said, “We are not from the State of Ife and are not actually related to each other but are from the same sect in the Oshodi kingdom that was destroyed. I was one of the vice sect masters and was able to escape with a few students. However, we were ambushed and I had the others scatter. I was only able to find Obi. I will let him tell you about himself and yes he talks but that his own issue and his own story to tell. As for me, my affinity is to the sound element and my hearing is very acute.”

Nkeiru paused to let them absorb the new information then continued, “I am letting Obi travel with you to find out what happened to our sect and if there are anymore survivors. And also to lend you some addition protection as I know you are special…super hearing remember.”

Nnenna thought she could not be shocked any further but she was wrong. All she could do was thank Nkeiru. She was tempted to unburden all her worries but even she knew that what she was able to do was considered to be impossible and she was not exactly sure of what the consequences would be.

“Also so you don’t have to go around the forest, I will personal lead you with a team to the border of Oshodi because I know you know, even though you are a silver level hunter, you are not yet ready for the deeper parts of the forest.” Nkeiru added as Nnenna was on her way out. It seemed like a last minute decision and Nnenna suspected Nkeiru wanted a reason to see her old home even if it was from a distance.


So two weeks latter, Nnenna and a team of the Night Owl’s, led by Nkeiru, left Omole to the confusion of the whole city.

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