where are they, where are they…who are the lost


“Umm… Where to miss?”

The cab driver asked for the second time.

He looked as the desolate expression on the beautiful young black skinned woman’s face and suspected that this belle from upper east side was now one of the lost.

He had seen many things during his days as a cab driver but he had only seen a few people that him and the other cabbies called the lost.

People who were stuck with nowhere to turn towards. Couldn’t move back… Won’t move forward and shouldn’t stay were they were.

He had always been confused how people could become so lost without options that the embrace of darkness sounded sweet.

However, him and his mates had decided to take professional courses last season to be able to try and reach the lost.

“Hey, miss if you not sure of where you want to go to immediately why don’t we drive around and I can tell you about how my father braved the gastapos to get us to America. ”

He had learnt it was not important what he said. He was not a trained psychologist. He just needed to build interest in her mind despite all the confusion and helplessness she must be feeling… Hopefully he will say something that might even push her enough to engage.

So he continued his “white noise” story, with the artistic exaggeration of a poet even though his stories were always based in facts.

Suddenly, he heard giggling from behind. He had been narrating how his Uncle Phillip had been chased five blocks by his mob of lovers, a particularly whimsical tale of his family…

But he knew now was the best time for engagement. So instead of stirring the conversation back to her, he pulled her deeper into the infamous activities of Uncle Phillip.

Finally, after an hour spent describing one of the most lecherous free spirited men out there, the girl responded by saying, ” I am sorry. Please take me to the Nigerian Embassy”

To be honest, he was not expecting that destination and more importantly had no idea where it was. However after navigating through the man he finally got to the building and parked at the only available spot he could find across from it.

The beautiful black skinned girl 5hen said to him, “I am not one or your lost… Heheheh… Where I come from there are many words for what I am but you would call me a witch.”

“So no I am not confused and far from helpless. However I regret what I mean about to do so hesitate… I always liked that kid. And now he has reached the position of an ambassador. But a covenant made must be kept… All things in this world have their laws including chaos. Hehehehe, thank you for the stories. Because of them you will only wake up confused but I guarantee you won’t be lost.”

I woke up to the sound of a police baton tapping against the window. The entire Nigerian Embassy had been cordoned off. And when the lead investigator saw a cabbie sleeping nearby while on the clock he got suspicious.

I wound down my windows, took my bearings, tried to remember how I got there and turned to face the music. But no matter my preparations, under this detectives interrogation, I failed to learn anything about the incident and just felt further confusion.

Fortunately, I wasn’t arrested and held for 24 hours but I was facing hell with my boss for all the lost fares. But I couldn’t be bothered, I just needed to sleep and while I was floating off I heard a light giggle that dragged at me before I descended into the sweet oblivion of sleep.

God bless

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