Mage of Binding Chp 21: The head of the Abacha clan

At the Abacha clan’s mountain headquarters, the throne hall was in complete state of shock and silence at the appearance of the shadow hawk that was cloaked in darkness.

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At the Abacha clan’s mountain headquarters, the throne hall was in complete state of shock and silence at the appearance of the shadow hawk that was cloaked in darkness. The shadow hawk was a lot bigger now with a wing span of over 5-meters and the shadow and darkness around it seemed darker than black.

“This is Niyi.” Musa said indicating the creature whose sudden appearance had alarmed the entire hall. “She is a magical beast that I bound to become an external mage and her innate abilities are unbelievable.”

Before everyone, the shadow hawk seemed to squeeze the darkness and reduce its size to that of a regular hawk before landing on Musa’s leather gauntlet. Musa stroked her feathers, lost in his mental bond with Niyi for a while before pulling himself back to the room. Although everyone was staring at him, Musa had eyes only for the clan head.

The head of the Abacha clan, Buhari Abacha, was a slim athletic man who looked to be 40 years old even though he was much older than that. He had a black goatee and shoulder length black hair. His face was not distinct apart from his eyes which looked like they could see into your soul. He was dressed in a black silk robe but you could notice the plate armour underneath.

The clan head abruptly ordered, “This news does not leave the clan. Notify all the members who saw the battle that it was a new kind of powder that caused the darkness. In addition, I want all their names and family information.” One of the special guards sworn to the clan head

Then Buhari said to the other elders “As much as this is a blessing it could also be a curse.” Buhari knew that the clan was no longer as strong as it was in the past, many of the powers now would want to research on the magical beast and how Musa is able to access the magepool. Luckily, Musa did not reveal the shadow hawk during the Challenge of Blood so the situation could still be contained.

“It seems we will have to be lenient with your punishment, Musa” Buhari had after everyone had collected themselves. Everyone, apart from Hafis who could not hide the anger and jealousy on his face.

“Clan head I think we should end the meeting here and have the elders convene to discuss this issue further.” Elder Usman interjected.

“Hmm…very well…”

Just as the clan head was about to dismiss them, Musa interrupted, saying, “Beg your indulgence, but I came with a companion, I would like permission for him to be brought to the clan under blindfolds.”

“What you want to bring an outsider…” Hafis started to say

“Silence!” elder Ladidi shouted at Hafis.

Hafis remembered where he was and realised what he had just done. He quickly bowed to Buhari and said, “Apologies clan head.” But rage still clouded his face when he turned back to Musa.

The was some awkward silence as Buhari frowned at Hafis, before he responded to Musa, “Why do you want him to come to the clan?”

“Because I owe him…he is the reason I became a Mage.”

Jide was flipping through his two years of recorded visions, he had seen images of Nnenna and her reptilian tiger with a girl and a big guy with a tower shield running away in the night, he had seen images of the old man meeting with other warriors and people he suspected were Knights, he had seen a school somewhere in the mountains run by a lot of old men who did a strange exercise routine while reciting a mantra.

However, what he saw most often were battle scenes and the aftermath of destroyed towns and cities. He knew through the visions that they would be instigated by the old man and he would take a part in it.

So he trained diligently.

Meanwhile, back at the Abacha clan, only Musa and Hafis waited outside the throne hall as the last H’assassin in the clan was out on a mission and both of their masters were elders.

After a couple of hours, the door to the hall was opened and both Musa and Hafis were invited back in. The clan head looked at the two of them with a new resolve in his eyes while elder Ladidi had frustration all over her face.

“We have been deliberating for a while now and we have to tell both of you that we will be reassessing who will be the next clan head.” Buhari said in a heavy voice.

Hafis could not control himself and shouted “Clan head, Master…” he added turning to elder Ladidi.

Musa only smiled and looked at the clan head. This was what he expected. He was hoping to steal back the power to led the clan so he could have access to the old records so he could find a solution for Jide.

Nnenna looked at Amaka who was on a tirade about the unlawful treatment they were receiving in Oshodi Kingdom.

Obi just relaxed in a corner with his weapons at the ready, listening to his friend’s ranting. Nnenna interrupted Amaka, saying, “It’s okay we can escape anytime we like but we don’t need to they just want time to take measures against us, I suspect. We should use this time to get information about the current condition of the Kingdom and help with Obi’s search.”

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