A Shout Long Overdue…

She was a quiet person, not because she had nothing to say but she had no one to listen to it.

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Hello viewers enjoy this short story on tenacity and comment if you want it fleshed out….

She was a quiet person, not because she had nothing to say but she had no one to listen to it.

She was initially just an only child but now Grace was an orphan and the big house and fortune her parents had left for her was no longer her own. Her father’s brothers, men she had called uncle, had stolen away her future.

But at least they let her live there with one of them, even if it was as a maid, which had only exposed her to a loneliness she was trying to overcome.

It turned out that all she had were fake friends. Other nouveau rich that decided she was no longer worthy now that she was no longer rich. The memories and pictures of their times together were revealed to be lies.

One would have thought that she would be depressed when confronted with this sudden change in live but Grace was made of tougher stuff than that. She devoted herself to her school work and her efforts paid off such that when it was time for university, she did not need to rely on her uncle’s dwindling charity.

Grace had always been enterprising working as a make-up artist and fashion designer when she was part of the elite crowd of Lagos. Now she hustled to serve the people that used to rush for her services. It was not as if her skills lacked in value but that the image of her brand had changed from entitlement to slight desperation.

However, she made enough to cover her living expenses in university which was not covered by scholarship. Grace had chosen to be a law student because even though her voice was not heard in the present she was determined to not let sleeping dogs lie.

She would be vocal when the time was right.

Grace shocked even herself with her own tenacity to right this wrong. She was not going to disappear quietly into the night, she was not going down without a fight. She intended to scream and shout and let it all out. She would reclaim her fortune to let her parents rest peacefully in their graves.

Everyone would listen to her voice.

God bless

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