Mage of Binding Chp 29: Misfortune at the gate

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“So how are we going to get passed this massive city” Amaka asked. The group of three were in an abandoned barn with a rotten wood smell in the air and dirty straw scattered on the floor on the outskirts of the major city of Igbo Efon . The problem was any major city like this would have guards at the gate and they were so recognisable with Kayto and all their gear.

“I think we can leave Kayto behind, sorry boy I will call you once we are across. Then finally I can create a small pocket space to store all our equipment. They probably wouldn’t be checking for identification, its not the border. What do you guys think?” Nnenna proposed.

So the removed their armour and weapons and Nnenna channel her space energy to surround the pile then split space and stored them. This was a special skill she had newly learnt after travelling through so any spatial tunnels. She could anchor this spatial pocket to herself so she would be able to access the space at a moments notice. However, the space was currently limited and couldn’t support life.

Afterwards, the group made their way towards Igbo Efon trying to blend in with the crowd but it was clear that they were a little uncomfortable being so vulnerable especially Obi who felt naked without his armour and shield.

Jide had been hoping to find time to confront Hafis and trigger further visions so he could find evidence against him or at least be better prepared but ironically, Hafis had volunteered to be assigned on a mission outside the clan and to placate the growing tension in the clan at the prospect that Musa, ‘the traitor’, could potential be the next clan head with no reason given, the council agreed to allow him leave.

Therefore, Jide was currently frustrated.

He had thought of asking to joining the mission but Jide knew that wouldn’t be possible as he would have to join the clan first. So he was already planning how he would leave the clan and investigate Hafis’ actions.

However all he could do for now was continue his training both physically and practicing his visions across time.

Meanwhile, Musa was avoiding his Aunt Turayo.

But unfortunately for him he was cornered while leaving Jide on the sparring ground. Aunt Turayo could not high her displeasure. It would appear that her favourite nephew in their childhood was still the coward he provided himself  to be. She had already approached the clan head and insisted that Musa was not worthy to be the next leader of the clan but the potential of an external mage was something the elders did not want to ignore.

“So you sleeked back when it was convenient with no care for your family or duty while you were away.” Turayo said in a cold voice that could freeze ice. She was dressed in the similar black leather armour that assassins of the clan favoured.

This had always been the control issue of his Aunt Turayo; she was emotionless and cold with everyone including her family but the iciness was especially frigid with Musa right now.

“Aunt Turayo I could not control my fear because of my powers and I could not adapt like you other just like Hafis anger and your…emm…anyway not every internal mage has been able to mage the struggle. I did what I did so that I didn’t affect the family. And I only returned when I was sure I could be of value to the family.”

“Hmm. You can say whatever you like as an excuse. But your cowardice is still evident as I am sure you have been avoiding me. Hmm, I can barely even look at you. I just want you to know that I will be supporting Hafis to the position of clan head. You can leave again…we don’t need weakness in the clan.” And afters saying this she left.

Musa stared after her with some disappointment in his eyes as he had always wanted to impress his Aunt Turayo.

It was not yet Nnenna’s groups turn to enter the city but they could already tell something was wrong.

The guards seem a lot more on the walls and even had patrol teams outside the walls. In addition the guards were scrutinising everyone’s face as if they were looking for particular people. Suddenly, one of the patrol teams passed by where the group was in the queue and one of the guards glanced at Amaka, who was a distinctly tall and attractive woman.

But his reaction was anything but lecherous.

He quickly notified his guard captain and a shrill whistle immediately sounded. Then pandemonium broke out as the guards charged at Nnenna’s group with weapons drawn. Everything happened in seconds, at first the guards were only moving to surround them with more guards coming from within the city, but it seemed one of the new recruits in the guards was so nervous that he fired his crossbow bolt.

Unfortunately the one in the path of the arrow was neither of the mages who would have stood better chance but Amaka. Before Obi could even react, Nnenna had teleported Amaka away from the bolt which flew across and stroke a guard on the other-side.

His scream of pain was like the signal for war.

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