Mage of Binding Chp 30: Desperate Battle

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Amaka felt her body shift and her perspective changed. Next she noticed that her armour had appeared right back on her body with her rapier and crossbow bolts on her waist and her crossbow on her back. The same thing happened to Obi as he was equally moved and  appeared back in his full plated armour with tower shield on his back and cutlass at his waist. The culprit was Nnenna as she could sense all the guards rushing to encircle them with even the Knight, who was assigned to oversee this gate, joining the charge.

Once his armour was back on him, Obi channeled the gravity energy in his body to increase his weight. Contrary to what you might think, Obi could still move his body efficiently at this increased weight as he had not taken it to excess. He equipped his tower shield and charged out of the encirclement faster than the guards could move. He easily cleared a path for his group to make their escape because he knew that Nnenna had problems with instantaneous teleportation for other people and it had been fortunate she had even succeed initially. He knew that if they could escape from the surrounding guards, Nnenna could open a spatial tunnel as opening one while surrounded could but Amaka and Nnenna in danger then they would be scot free. Amaka, being a regular human, was their weakest link given these odds and needed to be protected.

Just as he thought they had broken through the blockade, Nnenna shouted, “arrows.”

A barrage of arrows sail through the air over the heads of the surrounding guards from the wall of the city, so Obi had to rush to defend in front of Amaka while Nnenna used her spatial awareness to easily evade. However, this slowed then long enough for the gate commander to close in on them.

Commander Onyeka was an up and coming member of the army as he was a Knight from a prestigious family in Oshodi Kingdom. He is element was fire and it increased his reaction speed. Therefore, when his quiet day was interrupted by a signal from outside the gate he was already quickly making his way to inspect before he heard a scream not long after.

However, he was shocked by what he saw on getting outside. His trained and tested army was being blown away like leaves by a massive youth using a tower shield and he party was about to make an escape. Thankfully, his second-in-command who was an experienced military leader but reassigned here due to his ruthlessness (a trait which Onyeka just saw as decisiveness) had order the archers on the tower to open fire.

Onyeka had decide to finish off the smallest of the group who was not protected to intimidate them before subdue the rest with his speed. He did not even want to wait for the other Knights in the city so the achievement would be all for him.

However,  an unusual thing happened.

This seemly defenceless archer, effort walked through the rain of arrows while notching her own arrow and firing directly at him. In addition, Onyeka noticed a black shim to her arrows that gave him a sense of dread. He pushed his reaction speed to the limit to quickly close the distance while avoiding her continuous arrows and just when she was only  a dash away, she suddenly disappeared.

There were a total of five Knights in the major city of Igbo Efon with three of them gate commanders, and the remaining two were the Supreme Commander of the city’s army and the City Lord, who was also the leader of the number one sect in the city, both of whom were notified of the situation at the gate.

The Supreme Commander Chinedu was privy to more information than the regular soldier or even the gate commanders and knew that the country was taking these potential spies very seriously.

As such, he was currently making his way towards the southwest gate with haste. Chinedu was more respected for his leadership than his ability but he was one of the rare Knights that had no issues controlling his emotions given his wood element affinity. His disposition was towards calm decision-making both by his personality and by his ability. His ability was something calm communion which created a certain affinity with other people and an a heightened perception of his surroundings.

Chinedu was worried.

He had been notified that the beast was missing but Onyeka could not still control the situation with all those guards. Therefore, he sent a request for help from the City Lord who was a fierce combatant.

Nnenna could not finish off the annoying internal mage before her because she had to pay attention to the raining arrows as well as offer support to Obi, who was protecting Amaka.

The archers were highly skilled and working together with their commander to try to keep the group separated while allowing the regular shoulders with spears to close in on Amaka and Obi.

However, with Nnenna moving freely anywhere she wants with her teleportation, they were not effective.

Suddenly, two new Knights rushed onto the battlefield. An athletic man with a round shield and a one-sided axe charged at Obi while a distinguished elder gentleman in army-issued armour and a spear in his hand moved to assist Onyeka.

Amaka knew she was more than competent with her rapier. But the battle happening around her was on a scale were she felt inadequate. Initially, Obi moved faster than she could react to defend her while she peppered the guards with crossbow bolts but soon Obi met his own opponent who could hold him down and Amaka knew that now she was finished.

But before the guards could deliver the final blow, a reptilian tiger the size of a horse appeared beside her and roared.

Then the battlefield froze.

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