Mage of Binding Chp 31: Frozen

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The battlefield was frozen not because of the soldiers surprise and fright, of which there was a lot, but because Kayto had harnesses the spatial energy in the area to lock space.

The guards were frozen in space at their last action and the arrows were still in midair. Even though the spatial lock only extended to the walls, it was enough. Not even the Knights on the battlefield could move as they channeled their energy in a desperate attempt but to no avail.

Then Kayto looked at Nnenna and the two of them shared a silent conversation. Nnenna disappeared and reappeared on Kayto’s back before Kayto moved closer to Amaka and Obi. Then the group disappeared and the spatial lock was immediately released.

Supreme Commander Chinedu had felt a stirring in the air just before the reptilian tiger had arrived. At first he had thought it was just the young girl in front of him teleporting to save her friend as he had noticed during their brief battle that he had a natural intuition towards her disruption of space when she shifted. But soon he confirmed that his opponent was still engaged with Onyeka. So he turned to the source of the disturbance.

On seeing the beast he was apprehensive for his soldiers but when the spatial lock struck, he feared for his kingdom.

Currently, the group had escaped and he was dealing with the aftermath. There were dead and injured soldiers and even Onyeka had not escaped from receiving serious albeit non-fatal wounds.

However, his major concern was reporting the threat to the King.

Before this, he would have sworn that external mages did not exist. Now he had to convince the King that there was a girl, who could infiltrate anywhere, and her beast, which could disable the entire army.

Nnenna and her group reappear at the abandoned barn dishevelled and exhausted. Amaka had a few wounds on her body while Obi had some minor scraps. Nnenna, on the other hand, was completely fine except for the extreme fatigue from overuse of her ability. 

Meanwhile Kayto seemed annoyed as he want to have been called earlier to the battle but Nnenna was still trying to manage the situation. 

“So…I guess ….we won’t…be able to make it into the city now…huh.” Amaka stated as she panted. 

“it’s fine.” Obi responded.

“We were only going there to get information about my sect.” He continued.

Nnenna was disappointed that her plan had failed. They would now have to travel without entering any guarded city, especially because of Kayto. It was not that they had not seen any other beast tamer or tamed monsters but Kayto already stood out of the crowd and with what had just happened in front of Igbo Efon, his description was likely to spread far and wide.

“I am sorry guys. My plan put us in danger and almost cost Amaka her life.” Nnenna apologized.

“Hah you saved my life. I wish I was not so much of a drag. But we still need to get into the city to ask for information right…their security will be so much tighter now…what should we do?” 

“I have another idea but it is a bit risky.” Nnenna proposed.

“Ha ha ha. So you are still so young and already this powerful.” Abdul said to Jide as he got of the sparring ground with him.

It was surprising that this deadly assassin was such a chatterbox with people he knew and Jide had become one of his victims. Abdul had been one of Musa’s friends and unlike most of Musa’s old friends, had easily forgiven him his ‘deception’. Now that friendship had extended to Jide, who had seen it coming.

“There are still a lot of things wrong with my technique.” 

“Although you are still not a match for Elder Ladidi…you totally owned Hafis so bad he ran away ha ha ha. That guy was getting more arrogant as if he was not already too arrogant to begin with…But you have not tried fighting against elder Usman or Madam Turayo have you?”

Jide explained, “Elder Usman has been training Musa to fight more like an external mage. As for Turayo…I seem not to even exist for her.”

“Yeah…” Abdul paused.

“There is a lot left unsaid between Musa and Madam Turayo.” Abdul paraphrased. 

He continued, “Anyway come with me, there are a couple of my friends having drinks together…and no excuses this time.”

“Ha ha okay.” Jide had been made aware that his ability made him sometimes disinterested with life and he suspected it was because he felt his life was more like watching a play he was making the motions in rather than actually living. However, since Musa confronted him about it again, he resolved to be more engaged.


Nnenna teleported rapidly multiple times to get closer to Igbo Efon. She did this to avoid the heightened patrols around the city. The gates leading into the city were closed and a curfew had been enacted increasing the difficulty of her mission. 

However, Nnenna had been planning for this. 

She got as close to the wall as she could manage and them hide herself. Then she gathered the spatial energy within her and while calming her breath, focused on expanding her spatial awareness. By now with concentration,  her awareness spanned in the 1000 of meters. Therefore, she was able to view within the city until she saw a gap in their security.

Immediately she moved her body to that location. Then she rushed to find somewhere big enough for Kayto to teleport into with Obi and Amaka. She scaled a building at the center of town and proceeded to do a long range spatial scan again. It was then that she noticed something interesting.


Amaka was nervous for Nnenna as she had had to infiltrate the city alone. She was stuck her with Obi in her anxiety and he was no help because he is always silent. She wasn’t sure how long had passed. As she tried to talk to Obi for the emptenth time, suddenly she felt the world around them shift and change.

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