Mage of Binding: Chp 32 The threat within

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When Amaka recovered and took stock of her environment, she noticed she was underground. She was in the catacombs of a city with dust everywhere, cracks on the wall and the smell of decay in the air. Obi and Kayto were still beside her and she noticed, when her eyes adjusted slightly to the partial light that Nnenna was in front of her with a torch. 

“What…where are we?” Amaka asked as she coughed.

Nnenna responded, “We are a few meters below the city of Igbo Efon; these are the abandoned underground burial sites. And I was fortunate enough to find a chamber big enough for Kayto and you all to teleport into. I suggest we stay here for a few days until things calm down as the city  has tightened security and there is even a curfew.”

Obi just nodded his head in agreement while Amaka was distracted with exploring the catacombs with her eyes. However, she had equally heard most of what Nnenna said and agreed with her, saying, “Okay but I am not sleeping in or near a coffin. This place already smells bad enough. Do you have anything in your mystery space or anyway you could use your ability so we can use to freshen up this place?”

“Ha ha, Amaka we will not have to sleep with the dead. I equally saw an empty house at the centre of the city where we can stay, however, I am sorry boy, but you will have to remain here as the house is not that big so you might be noticed.”

Hafis was on a guard mission that took him towards the Republic of Maidugri. Therefore, he was ordered to investigate the upheaval in the that country to find opportunities and information. However, while he was still some distance away from Maidugri in the country of Isolo, he discovered a meeting of all the Knight in the tiny country organised by an external force. So he determined the location and came to the venue under a disguise.

Nze had been appointed by their master as the orator at the gatherings, where they were trying to recruit more internal mages. Danjuma was just there for his connections in the underground world and as added muscle.

“Welcome all of you, I represent my master the new power in the former Republic of Maidugri. He invites all of you interested in attaining more power to visit him in his new country, the Abasi Empire. My master is something that we all thought was impossible and can grant us all that power, the power to be an external mage and harness the energy around us to transform the world.”

At this point people started asking him questions while some exclaimed in doubt or disbelief. Nze  allowed the noise to go on for a while before cutting in again.

“Your doubts and misgivings can be resolved by making a trip to the Abasi Empire. We will need not banter word with you or waste your time as seeing is believing.” Nze replied.

After seeing this Nze and Danjuma left the gathering directly in an imposing manner. Some of the people present wanted to follow them or even attack them but fear of their power and retribution from their own enemies if an opportunity arose, caused them indecision.

However, Hafis was not concerned about this few Knights.

He followed after Nze and Danjuma. The two of them noticed Hafis following after them and decided to stop to see what he was going to do.

“Gentlemen, I am interested in your proposition and I think I have information you might find useful…”

King Fola Bamibola was a regular human being.

But he had grown up as a soldier and the situation around the death of his mother had made him a hard man. Therefore, he had adjusted to the constant threats that the Kingdom of Oshodi faced.  However, as he sat in his regal throne room with the gold inlays and red soft leather covered with cashmere, and listen to the report of the battle outside Igbo Efon, he finally met an issue that he could not just fight his way through.

The other officials in the massive luxurious throne room that was decorated in resplendent artworks depicting the martial might of the nation, could not offer anything to placate the worries of their king and so could only seat in awkward silence.

Suddenly, the throne room door was thrown open and a precocious 12 year old little girl charged in.

She was the only daughter of King Fola and the also the only one of his children to have presented with the gift so far, therefore she was also the heir apparent. She was quickly followed by a retinue of guards and maids who had tried and failed to stop her.

“Father, father, come play with me…my useless twin brother can’t handle my strength and he stinks.”

“Not now Moji…I am busy. And I have told you repeated not to pick on your brother he is still older than you.” King Fola scolded his daughter but with no force in his voice.

“Hmm…huh…why do I smell fear on all of you?”  Moji who was a wind element mage who had heightened olfactory senses.

Jide rushed awake from a vision and knew that trouble was fast approaching.

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