Mage of Binding Chapter 34: An unexpected encounter

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What was most important were the locations where they thought people from Sabi Sect could be hiding. 

There were a few spots within the Oshodi Kingdom in very dangerous locations but Nnenna noticed that most of the locations were outside the Oshodi Kingdom and to her horror, it seemed that even Nkeiru’s whereabouts was suspected. 

In addition, she did not find any information indicating if the child with the special affinity was ever found or if so by which sect.

Nnenna recorded what she could as quickly as possible.

She suddenly heard footsteps approaching and vanished abruptly into thin air, leaving the book and her lamb behind in the library.

Musa did not know what to do.

It had been an hour since it was determined that Jide was no longer with the clan’s mountain abode so Musa was currently in front of the clan head, elders and the H’assassins facing an inquiry. He suspected that Jide was going to do something about Hafis as his young friend had informed him that Hafis was a threat, but he knew he could not tell the council. 

What was more disconcerting was that the council wanted to know Jide’s elemental affinity and how he could have possibly escaped the hideout but Musa had promised himself not to reveal Jide’s secret so his loyalty was torn.

“Musa, you can understand why we need to know more about your friend Jide. He could be a threat to us. Therefore, you must tell us his ability and give us more about his history.” the clan head ordered.

“Clan head I am sorry but he revealed his ability to me in confidence, I would be betraying his trust if I told all of you. In addition, he does not even know his own history as he grew up as an orphan and the little he know I have already revealed to you.”

“Hmmm…and this is who you want to be clan head…we can obviously see where his loyalty lies.” Turayo interjected.

There was an awkward silence as everyone alternated between staring at Musa and Turayo. Elder Usman attempted to reason with Musa as he said, “Musa, ideally you should maintain your friend’s confidence, but the fact that he left the headquarters without notifying you is already a sign of betrayal on his part. Telling us his ability only acts as a safeguard for us…unless you don’t trust the council.”

The intensity and pressure in the room escalated with this statement.

“As much as Jide did not tell me of his plans to escape, he was never a prisoner her and was always free to leave. In addition, Jide had raised some concerns with me about someone in the clan he did not trust, which I had ignored out of loyalty to the clan and I suspect it is those concerns he left to address.” as Musa said this he avoided eye contact with his aunt Turayo.

At first people were confused, but slowly a suspicion began to dawn on some of them.

Suddenly, elder Ladidi and Turayo reacted, “You can’t be talking about Hafis!” they both shouted.

Hafis had refused to follow Nze and Danjuma back to the former Republic of Maidugri, now called the Abasi Empire, as he already knew external mages existed. However, his discussion with both of them had still been fruitful. 

Nze had recognized the threat that Musa represented to their plans and so he had agreed to ask for reinforcements from their master to handle the Abacha clan swiftly. 

Hafis did not feel any sense of betrayal towards the clan. After all they were willing to accept trash like Musa over him.

Now, Hafis was on his way back towards the clan with a smile on his face. He would still give them the chance to surrender …after all they are family, but as for that worthless Musa… 

Jide had been using his visions to try to track Hafis movements and felt that he was getting closer. He had journeyed with the carriage until the location, outside the mountains, where he had seen that he would be able to exit without being noticed. 

Then he had hurried along the path indicated by his vision. 

He was not sure where he would could potential meet Hafis as he had not seen an image of it but he had found out the general direction Hafis had been going when he meet Nze and so he was hoping a helpful vision would come along the way.

Therefore, Jide was currently sit down in a meadow with the grasses blowing in the breeze and the sounds of birds and insects flitting in the wind. With the atmosphere, he was so relaxed that he went deeper and deeper into the time essence and lost himself in the time visionscape. Jide did not even sense the danger or realized he was trapped in a space of consciousness he had never attained before. He was swept away by the current.

However, an old man in a flowing white robe with a straight back and a jovial smile and seemed to be taking a leisurely stroll, started making his way towards Jide. What was remarkable was that, this old man was present in all of Jide’s visions and not the real world, continuously coming closer to Jide from a distance, despite the changing images. And as Jide noticed the peculiar old man, time slowed to a stop and the visionscape froze.

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