Listen more to the voice inside…

Life is too long and too short to live someone elses.

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So it is very natural to seek outside validation.

We want people to agree with our ideas, our opinions, our beliefs.

It feels good when we get applause, agreements, acknowledgement.

But you have to realise that not everyone can understand the ideas we have; and no matter how we communicate it we may never convince the people, we desperately want their approval.

However, you need to learn that your inspiration, your vision… is yours. Don’t give up even if you feel the whole world doesn’t understand.

Somethings are actually ahead of its time. If it has meaning to you and it has value, pursue it.

Life is too long and too short to live someone elses.

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog. I love and appreciate that people take time, their most precious resourc e, to listen to my thoughts. I am no one important or famous but I am someone special because I am uniquely me. You too are special and unique and no one can be who you are.

So the next time someone shoots down your idea or makes you feel small so they can feel big… Please remember my voice but more importantly listen to yours.

And even if you “fail” …isn’t it better to fail at something you love than succeed at something you hate …isn’t it Better to learn more about what interests you.

God bless.

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