Mage of Binding Chapter 36: The present Sabi Sect

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Hafis was surprised and shocked.

He had never expected to see this person out here but it was not a situation he couldn’t handle.

“Hello, Aunt Turayo,” he said with a smile and his cold aunt could not resist smiling back seeing him safe.

Aunt Turayo approached Hafis and asked him, “Did you encounter any trouble? Did you see that friend of Musa’s Jide on your way?”

Hafis was stunned at this questions as he was expecting her to as something else but responded anyway in the negative. Then he asked, “Why are you asking me this? Isn’t that boy still at the clan headquarters?”

“No, apparently he escaped and the traitor Musa not only refused to reveal information about him but also insinuated that he left because he had found out you were a threat to the clan so he intended to stop you.”

Hafis jolted internally. He was now interested in what Jide’s power was and his whereabouts. It was a shame Jide escaped before Hafis new ‘friends’ could pay a visit.

As Turayo and Hafis made their way back to the waiting team, it then dawned on her that Hafis had broken protocol and proceeded on his own without backup. But when she interrogated Hafis about this, he was already prepared and responded, “I did not want to endanger then as I had heard of a gathering of Knights, but don’t worry I will give my full report when we return.”

At Nnenna’s words the scout, Lola, froze for a second but how could he just believe her. Therefore, she took aim again and held her bow drawn and ready to release at a moments notice.

Meanwhile, Amina continued making her way towards Nnenna and her group. She was the only combat Knight amongst her party but was not suited for direct confrontation. Her element was darkness and only served to reduce her presence to the point were she could not be detected. She was only 16 years old and had only been practicing her abilities for 4 years so she could not maintain it well when she fought. Therefore, she was more suited to theft and assassination.

Nevertheless, she would not abandon her friends and usually, Tunde provided her cover with his frost wolves. She had moved quickly and made it close to Nnenna’s original position, so she was shocked when she saw them step out of a different location.

However, when Nnenna added, “Please stop any hostile action, especially you” pointing directly at herself, Amina and the rest of their team where shocked and rendered motionless.

“For now, please just listen to us.” Nnenna continued, “We know that these are the ruins of the Sabi Sect and suspect that some survivors of the Sect still reside here. We mean them no harm because we know other members of the Sabi Sect who are interested in what happened to their friends and family.”  

Nnenna watched as the group looked at each other. By now, the frost wolves had surrounded their assassin to protect her and the scout had tried to subtly reposition herself close enough to be able to fire arrows at Nnenna’s group more easily.

But they had still decided not to resume the attack yet and the beast tamer whispered something to the dual sword wielder. The dual sword wielder proceed down the tunnel while the rest of the team moved closer to their lone member who apparently could not hide from Nnenna. It was not that Nnenna could sense her as Amina’s ability defied Nnenna’s sensing but Nnenna had spatial awareness of everything within her radius so she had noticed the effects of Amina’s passing.

It seemed that the beast tamer was the leader of the group and he seemed excited that Nnenna’s group wanted to talk. In fact, the rest of the group seemed even more relaxed now as if the threat was over.

Tunde, who was a slim man in his 40s dressed in a flowing robe reminiscent of wizards of lore, did not know if he should believe Nnenna or not but he was confident he could find out the truth. As a sound element internal mage with the ability called persuasion he used his voice to get people and even monsters to do what he wanted.

So if this group wanted to have a conversation he was more than happy to give them one.

“Hello, my name is Tunde. Please may I know yours?” he asked.

Nnenna responded, “My name is Nnenna and these are my friends, Obi and Amaka.”

Tunde was not interested in their answer but had only asked these question because it was easier to use his ability if he started by asking questions that would be readily answered but on hearing the name Obi, he hesitated.

Putting as much energy as he could into his ability he turned to Obi and said, “Master Nkeiru is still as bossy but as insightful as ever isn’t she?”

Obi nodded his head immediately without considering but soon felt the influence of something and struggled free. Obi was shocked that he would reveal so much to strangers. Even Nnenna and Amaka were surprised by Obi’s immediate answer but his following reaction signalled to them that something was wrong.

Just as Nnenna and Amaka were about to respond aggressively, Tunde said, “Please calm down, I apologise for my actions but I had to find out if it was true. He he he, I usually have more finesse but I was abrupt in my excitement. Yes we are survivors from the Sabi Sect…” as Tunde said this Nnenna sensed a number of people including a few Knights moving toward their location. Tunde continued, “…and we would like to welcome you back home, Obi.”

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