Procrastination is a major road block…

Don’t miss the chance; if its a priority forget the fear act now with a sense of urgency…

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I heard this story for the first time today:

Neil Armstrong was the 1st person to set his foot on the moon. But, do you know who was supposed to be the
1st person? Many don’t know…
His name was Edwin C Aldrin…
He was the pilot for the Apollo mission. He was working for the American Air-force. Moreover he had experience of space walking, hence selected as the pilot. Neil Armstrong worked for the American Navy. He was selected for his courage as co-pilot. When the Apollo mission landed on moon, they received a command from NASA, “pilot first”.

But Aldrin was hesitant, “what will happen”, “will I get sucked in or will I burn out”, etc. The hesitation was not for hours, but few seconds. In the meantime, NASA sent the next
command, “co-pilot next”. Within next second, Neil Armstrong put his foot on the moon & became part of world history.

World history was changed in 1 second…
Though Aldrin had the qualification and
talent, because of hesitation, he is not
recognised by many people.

The world remembers only person who comes
first… This is a good example of how people lose out because of hesitation & fear. Whenever you see the moon, remember this, a moments hesitation can stop us from our greatest victory. We all have great potential in us, the only thing that stops us from achieving what we are supposed to achieve is our hesitation, fear and shyness. Many people are afraid to venture, afraid to take a risk, afraid to try new things, afraid to make mistake, afraid to start again,etc If we fail to do the right things, we will most likely do the wrong things, there is no two ways about it.
Avoid hesitation Stop Procrastination The
time to write your own success story is now.

Have a beautiful day ahead

I wish I knew the author to credit them. Please of you do message me to cite properly.

My own Edward Aldrin moment is my business idea (Find Me A Tailor) that I have been “working on” since… 2014.

Well someone else is Neil Armstrong (congratulations to Fashion Map Africa) and I have learnt my lesson.

And if we take out time we may notice our own first moon walk moment. Don’t miss the chance; if its a priority forget the fear act now with a sense of urgency… Like stop reading and act NOW!!!!

God Bless.

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