Mage of Binding Chapter 37: A dark day in the Abacha clan

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Nnenna was having mixed feelings about staying with the Sabi Sect.

They had been there for almost two weeks now and it seems Tunde had been spending a lot of time talking to Obi alone. No one in the Sabi Sect knew about Nnenna’s ability as they had not seen her teleport so they treated her the same as Amaka. But apparently, Obi was the child whose elemental affinity had sparked the destruction of the former Sabi Sect. Gravity was a rare element that provided versatility in both offence and defense. So Nnenna was apprehensive that Tunde was using his persuasion ability to influence Obi.

At this moment, Obi was again with Tunde who liked showing off all the various animals he had tamed as he selected a new animal to accompany him each day. Nnenna and Amaka were in another section of the underground hideout that the once promising Sabi Sect now inhabited. 

It seemed that Tunde had survived the downfall of the Sabi Sect because he was away on a recruitment mission. He had returned to the location of his sect with the new recruits only to be met by ruins. Thus, Tunde had decided to “convince” them to stay. 

One good thing about the Sabi Sect was that unlike most sects who rarely admitted non-Knights, the Sabi Sect accepted everyone. At least that is what the Sabi Sect presented to the world, however, the truth was they had a mage with the wind element affinity who could smell magelines and so the sect really only accepted regular people who were born into mage lineages and ‘encouraged’ them to marry each other. Thus a large number of mages were born into the Sabi Sect causing a collision of sects and schools to attack them before their budding mages could mature into a full blown threat.

Anyway, Tunde was able to spin a tale about envy, righteousness and justice; thus the new Sabi Sect was born. Although, Tunde could not match the prowess of the wind internal mage in finding talent, he had been one of the sects assets in recruiting talent. Therefore, the new Sabi Sect had managed to retain the two Knights he had initially found and over the years, a new internal mage, Amina had been born. Now Tunde saw his chance for a real revival in Obi.

However, Nnenna knew that Tunde’s little gang was known and monitored regularly by the Oduduwa Sect and the only reason they still existed was because they were seen as insignificant. Obi deciding to stay with them would only spell disaster for everyone. 

Therefore, Nnenna had decided that they would continue their journey tomorrow.

Hafis got the message he had been waiting for all week.

They had arrived at the location he had provided and were ready to start the operation tonight.

Hafis smiled and said to himself, “At last.”

It was a regular night in the Abacha clan with the sentry keeping watch at the spy holes around the mountain while the rest of the clan slept.

However a group of over 30 individuals had made their way silently to the same hidden entrance that Jide had used to escape. 

Nze waited patiently in the dark while Danjuma continuously twirled his daggers in anticipation. 

Suddenly, they all heard a cranking sound and noticed a part of the mountain moving away to reveal a wide tunnel that could fit a carriage. 

A muscular man in a vest with a huge mace with fresh blood on it in his hand, stepped out accompanied by six other warriors. He had three throwing axes strapped to each side of his body and wore a jubilant but sinister grin on his face.

Nze recognised him instantly and approached him saying, “Well Hafis, I am sure I brought enough people to ensure your coup, ha ha ha, but first tell us where Musa is … he is the major threat.”

Elder Usman was in the detention room where Musa was held trying again to convince him to reveal information about Jide’s ability.

He had tried this repeatedly but had determined that it was a lost cause and so he had just given up and was leaving Musa’s “cell” when he had a strange premonition. He decided to invoke his heat vision and suddenly his view expanded such that he could see the heat signatures even through walls and floors. 

He immediately turned to Musa and said, “Arm yourself and follow me.” before rushing out the room yelling, “Enemy attack!”

Ladidi could not believe what was happening.

She had decided to go on patrol to inspect her warriors when she stumbled upon the bodies of dead guards. She was disturbed that there had been no warning and quickly followed the trail of blood until she stumbled upon two foreign Knights mutilating a body within the citadel of the clan. 

Not even pausing to wonder her this was even possible, she unsheathed her sword and channeled her lighting energy to burst with her fastest speed. Her anger was such that she had already decapitated one of the attackers before the other one even knew she was there. However, he was equally not able to evade her follow up slash and was separated into two. 

But as she regained her stance, she felt danger racing towards her heart and quickly dropped to the ground and rolled away, only to see a javelin and two arrows pass by her former position. As she rushed for cover, she heard voices saying, 

“Ah I missed. This must be the lightning element Knight. Sister Ubong do you want to see who will get her first.”

“Stop it Chijioke. Remember we are not supposed to kill the two female Knights. Hey you guys with speed and defense abilities go and surround her.”

“Wait a minute Ubong…she has already killed two of my Knights and you still want me to take her alive.”

“Calm down Bambo…”

“Ha ha ha…Bambo your Knights are useless…if she can finish them so easily them she is a much better addition.”

Ladidi raised her head to peak and saw over eight foreign Knights with their weapons already covered in blood.

Despair, wrath and helplessness threatened to overpower her but she was a warrior.

As she resolved to make her stand, her only regret was that she would not be able to kill the traitor.

Turayo looked in front of her with disbelief.

She had been in the throne room seeking an audience with the clan head to denounce Musa and prevent him from being considered as the next clan head when they had heard elder Usman’s shouts. 

She and the clan head had rushed out while grabbing any weapons they could find from the throne room only to be meet by a nightmare. She could clearly see Hafis leading a team of about 15 strangers plus 30 warriors with crossbows towards the throne room and adjoining detention room. The royal guards of the clan head were being slaughtered by this group like chickens as they proceeded forward.

Elder Usman was charging fearlessly at the group while evading the crossbow bolts of his own clansmen. Musa was hurrying up to catch up with him. And just as elder Usman was about to clash with the group, darkness descended.

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