Mage of Binding Chapter 46: Mutual Benefit

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Nnenna began by narrating her history with Jide in Mushin, which subsequently led to introducing what Musa explained about mages. She continued with the night attack that was more sound than visuals to her and her voice trembled slightly when she talked about the death of her parents.

She did not mention anything about her powers, how it happened or how she had escaped while her parents didn’t.

Next Nnenna proceeded to piece together Jide and Musa’s own adventure that night from the light details gleaned from the villagers. She thus concluded that Jide and Musa were on the run so she acknowledged it would be too little if she tried to help by herself but might be too late or impossible to seek help.

Just when she was wallowing in her despair Jide’s Uncle revealed the truth about Jide’s origin and that revelation became the only source of hope for this orphaned little girl. 

The King only interrupted her narration once when she mentioned the peculiar spheres they had found, going so far as to ask for the location and subsequent roles it plays in the story.

Nnenna remained tactful discussed spheres and even glossed over her 2 years of preparations. Not even the journey to Oshodi and the happenings within were given as much importance as Jide; rather she tried to emphasise that all of them were running out of time to pick up the trail.

However, contrary to her pressure and urgency, King Fola responded, “Whether or not your story is true, is irrelevant. Why should we risk our kingdom for one lost prince.”

Nnenna was initially floored and quite angry at the King’s callous attitude. However, she quickly noticed from his voice and demeanour, especially his glances to the little girl surrounded by a human steel fortress. It even appeared that King Fola was fighting the urge to reach out and pat her hair. 

“I am not a novice appealing to your sense of fealty alone. My real bangaing chip is my power and the knowledge it unlocks. I am barely a novice and have only scratched the surface of the things my familiar does instinctively. Please do not be alarmed by what happens next, KAYTO!” 

As soon as Nnenna’s command was given, a majestic scaled tiger materialized out of thin air with Obi and the others in front of Kayto, to the bewilderment of the King and his entourage. Obi was clad in his full armour already and Amaka secured the head of her crossbow while hiding behind Obi. Amina was also located towards the rear, trying to find enough darkness to blend into the surrounding.


There was an uproar as the ministers and generals reached for any weapon they could find with the guards in the throne room rushing forward, unsheathing his weapon.

Even though the king’s face was pale and his grip on his throne seem insecure in its tightness, he was however differed from making a rash decision from the most unusual sport.

In fact, only little Moji was mesmerized by the sight before her. She even knew with her ability that there was no in tended treat so wanted to stroke this majestic creature. Kayto presence seem to be center infinitesimally to a point but also covered all space. This feeling was invigorating and intoxicating for Moji.

Therefore, nobody noticed when she made her way closer and started to reach for Kayto. When the audience notice fear gripped them and the admonished but it was already too late. They could only spectate with a resolve to avenge the princess if necessary. Unlike everyone else, Nnenna was aware of the little girl as she knew all motion around her. She was not surprised by King Fola’s instruction to the royal guards despite the KIng’s attempt to appear unconcerned and in control.

However, Nnenna was pleased with the courage and curiosity of the little girl and urged Kayto  tol lie down. The sudden movement agitated the hall but princess Moji was not fazed and instead of petty Kayto she inhaled his sent. Without any other consideration, Moji whipped around and shouted to the King, “Daddy, Daddy! I want one.” 

“Hmmm…” King Fola sighed after he realised they have lost the initiative. Seeing her father a the other parties losing in the negotiations, Moji asked earnestly, “Would you mind disclosing more of your ability to foster our cooperation”

Nnenna frowned and responded, “You are mistaken. I am not looking to work for or with you as part of the bargain. My chip is that I will serve Jide the rightful air, if he does not return I will fade into space.’ 

Nnenna continued when she saw their surprised faces, “Whenever you find Jide notify me, I will need you to arrange a small palace for my and my guest to rest with daily amenities for Kayto. Also you might want one of us station at the highest point because our vision is amazing. Finally you can keep the tails on us, since we already accustomed to each other.

“With this we can all monitor each other and prevent unnecessary surprises.”

After saying this, Nnenna turnaround and left the hall with confidence while Kayto, as planned, teleported Obi, Amaka and Amina openely and separately before leaving himself, which caused the now deadpan silent hall to focus on the back of the existing young lady that seemed wide enough to carry the world but already slumped from the pressure.

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