Mage of Binding Chapter 47: Only the strong survive

Pausing at the threshold of the throne room with her familiar and friends haven retreated safety, Nnenna decided to show them the stick not just the…

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Pausing at the threshold of the throne room with her familiar and friends haven retreated safety, Nnenna decided to show them the stick not just the carrot.

“Think wisely, all space is open to me. I can be an asset or a disaster.”

On leaving the palace, she quickly performed multiple short distance teleportations to lose any followers. She was reassured that Kayto would have sent her friends to relatively safe places and each had their own jobs to do.

Obi was in charge of contacting the remnants of the Sabi Sect with the aid of Tunde for both practical and convenient reasons – No one else could stand Tunde for a long time. Tunde was equally tasked with gathering information while Amaka was insisting on training Amina with the rapier.

Nnenna planned to go to the library to learn more about the world and the local environs. As she approached the majestic ivory building that had been made open to the public for the most part, she was distracted by all the opulence around her such that she realised too late that someone had snuck up on her.

Preparing to teleport immediately, she finally noticed it was Tunde. Her emotions went from fear to relief to anger to concern and she finally said to Tunde in slightly callous manner, “ Why are you here? Did something happen to Obi?”   

“What…ah…no Obi is alright, great actually you will know why later.” Tunde said with a grin, “Actually, I am here to introduce you to an elder of the Sabi Sect that was not even touched during the eradication of his sect. His only regret was that his hands were tied because of an agreement he had made earlier and could only watch the death of his ‘family’. 

Now, Nnenna and Tunde found this once great man slumped in the corner, covered in vomit, and gripping an empty canister of rum as if to squeeze out the last drop. This vagabond was located at a beer parlour beside the library. This quaint establishment which was to bring class and refinement to its guests due to its proximity to the grand library was now been ruined by this drunk, a 40 something year old man leaning on the wall in seared and tattered armour. He didn’t appear to be carrying any weapons.

“I hope you are not playing one of your games again…” Nnenna started at Tunde but was soon interrupted, “Oh, this young girl before this old one has claws.” the drunkard said as he watched Nnenna and Tunde. Nnenna quickly transformed into a gentle expression, “I am sorry sir if my friend has disturbed or mistreated you. I would like to compensate you but I can not in good conscience help you drink more so how about a meal.”

At this , the drunk old man disappeared and moving with astonishing speed drew closer to Nnenna and Tunde. The regulars of the beer parlour were not surprised at all but some of the new faces were choking on their ale and wine.

Nnenna had the greatest reaction as she instinctive manipulated space before her to create a barrier. The old drunk adjusted his position like he had sensed her actions then generating force from his whole body jumped up and brought his leg down like an axe. 

Cracks streamed around the barrier until it broke apart, giving Nnenna feedback. The old drunk took that time to close the distance between him and Nnenna and just as Nnenna intended to open a spatial tear so close to herself in desperation, the drunk old man said, “You are to green to be even called a novice. So you are Nnenna, I will make you a real Knight not like all those Warriors who claim to be one just because they are internal mages. Hmmm… they are not even as good as Monks.”

“Thank you, kind Sir, please may I know your name” Nnenna responded politely.

Taking another swig from his jug and realising it was empty the drunk man grimst and threw the canister away before grab a jug from a table nearby. The other guest at the bar just looked at him with complicated looks and some not even that.

“Haha hah aha, really a greenhorn. Call me Ibrahim.”

It was only now that the situation was calm that Nnenna noticed the drunk man was 6 ft 1 inch tall with an erect, well built body despite all the drinking. He stood ramrod straight and looked full of opening but something dangerous was smiling out of the aura and shadows he cast. Another thing that were distinct were his footsteps. No one ever walked the earth so sure and naturally.

Ibrahim scrutinized Nnenna thoroughly and said, “Huh, it seems only people like you can break the final barrier. I have been searching all my life for the way through. I will follow along with you and instruct you in hopes that I may gain some knowledge or a chance at the final barrier. However, I am done with the master-student relationship as all of my students died before me their master. I will just be your big brother …or should I say big Uncle. Bahahahaha!”

And after saying this the drunkard walked steady out of the beer parlour with Nnenna and Tunde trailing silently behind.