Mage of Binding Chapter 48: Plots & Counterplots

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Turayo still looked at Musa with misgivings for the death of the doctor but Musa remained nonchalant. It seemed the death of Niyi had not only swallowed all of Musa’s fear but maybe all of his cares except revenge.

In fact, Musa had a singular focus to kill Hafis and the rest of the intruders that destroyed the Abacha clan, especially the archer in a white gown. Her ledger was overflowing with the death of Elder Usman and Niyi.

However, Musa realised after the loss of Niyi that he had only scratched the surface of what it means to be an external mage. He still fought and thought like a H’assassin. He needed time to acclimate within the darkness and learn to control his dark energy in nouveau ways without NIyi.

“Turayo, I need you to find any remnants of our clan in the usual hideouts or any that have become daredevils destined to die with their targets while resisting this cursed empire. Coordinate them with any existing resistance. Take all the guards except the best and subtlest who will foray into the heart of enemy territory to provide information. At the end I want detailed reports of their military strength, citizen sentiment, number of Knights and their elements and ability if possible. I will meet up with all of you at the base of the resistance. Forever in the shadows….” 

“Until the walk of endless dark.” the royal guards instinctively responded to their oath, but Turayo interrupted agitatedly. “Wait, Musa you just recovered and you are already preparing to fight back. Besides where do you plan to go?”

“To the Leviathan’s Fall. It is the place with the largest concentration of darkness energy.”

“But, But, that is suicide…besides you are blind trying to navigate in that monster infested wasteland….are you mad as well as blind.”

“Enough, Aunt Turayo,” staring straight at her, Musa said,”I see the dark.”


King Fola Bamibola listened to his council as they advised him on the ‘collaboration’ with the Space Mage, a title from antiquity.

“Your Majesty it is too dangerous…”

“Yes and besides Moji is a suitable heir…”

“I think we should hide your whereabouts… just for the time being…”

“Your Majesty, I think she could be a spy from….sent to distract us before an imminent attack.”

The King rudely interrupted their harping, “Enough, you are all chattering like nervous squirrels. One mage will not be the end of Oshodi Kingdom and my reign. Send an elite squad to attempt to track any member of her team…I want full historical information. Then assign 20 scouts to corroborate the information and begin the hunt.”

“Your Majesty…”

“General, I know you are worried about a trap but it is yet to be seen who comes out on top. As for the Space Mage’s abilities, I want countermeasures by the end of the week. You are dismissed.”

Anxious and tepid ministers left the council hall dejectedly, while a bustrous Moji walked up to her father and said to him privately, “Do I have a big brother? Is he in danger?”

King Fola searched his beloved daughter’s eyes for what felt like eons but only saw her true sincere feelings. Moji is no natural Queen, King Fola thought and though he wanted to respond positively to her, he remained stoic but was filled with regret.


As a prominent H’assassin it did not take Turayo a long time to discover the minimal resistance forces, spread out around the border of this newly birthed Empire which had only survived so long due to their connection of hideouts and strongholds scattered within.

Turayo approached the outpost, initially pleased by the level of alertness, however, when an overeager guard released an arrow at her, she quickly channelled the ice essence in her hand to form a solid barrier under her skin and deflected the bolt.


The commander roared as he stormed out of the outposts interior with signs of supper stains still in his beard.

“Are you in charge, here?” Turayo answered indifferently, she could tell the arrow was released with nervous and not killing intent. She continued saying, “Take me to your leaders we have information about our enemies and wish to contribute our power to resist the Abasi Empire. Let us share our intel and plan together.

The commander sized her up but proceeded to lead her in with a slight detachment as he figured four people, even if they were all Warriors could do little harm to this particular outpost.

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