Mage of Binding Chapter 50: Light and Dark

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Ubong was being dragged backwards so she saw the first guard drop like a log. However, it was not until the second bolt hit home that she registered the familiar sound of a crossbow. 

It seems someone was attacking them. But this was not her concern.

She was dropped unceremoniously as the guards rushed to confront the intruder, but their enemy was a seasoned fighter. The intruder dashed left the quickly pivoted and circled right forcing the guards to block each other due to the obstruction of Ubong’s prone figure.   

With a feint and thrust the first guard was easily dispatched due to his imbalance and the quick actions of the intruder. The other guard sidestepped and had not yet completed his swing to take advantage of successful thrust, when the intruder charged at him still using his dead opponents body as a shield to close in.

The intruder pulled out his sword viciously from his dead opponents chest, when he had covered enough distance, then amidst the splattering blood, he tossed the dead body towards the closing torturers before they could interfere thanks to his precognition. The torturers were astonished to come under any attack and froze for a moment.

However, the intruder had been distracted in any case so the remaining guard had timed his attack for when the intruder was recovering his sword from the large swing as he knew the intruder would be off balance. The intruder’s messy evasion was no surprise to the guard and he was determined to finish off this troublemaker in this exchange.

Running out of time, the intruder launched an ineffective diagonal slash which appeared to carry all his force and desperation; the guard paused his forward motion for a fraction of a second to evade. 

Unfortunately for him, his opponent was Seun. He had already sensed this through pre-cog and sent a tremor to his sword hand, shifting the location of his grip, to change the direction of the tip of the sword.

Blood shot off form the drenched sword that has just torn through the guards eyes, giving Seun enough time to dispatch him before the two torturers, who only had their knives and whips, could surround him.

The abruptness and sudden end of the fight caused one of the torturers to run away in fright. However, his escape was short-lived as a thrown dagger found his back. The final torturer stalled for time or an opportunity saying, “You, do you know what you are doing? He he he. There will be no going back when you go too far. These soldiers are mainly cannon fodder but I am a great Sound Warrior. Touch me and you will regret entering the Abasi Empire.”

“Oh, is that where I am? Never heard this name before. She must have really sent me to a very far place. Anyway think of that later. I am sorry my good friend I have already crossed the line. And I will need to silence you. Besides, after what I watched you do, I find myself kind of eager. Shall we?” Seun responded.

The final schemish only lasted longer because his opponent was also a Warrior who fought defensively. Thankfully his ability was ancillary and though it had some distracting qualities it was not meant for direct combat against an experienced Knight. Needless to say, Seun’s pre-cog made him a treasure on the battlefield and an exceptional commander. 

Shortly after all the guards had been taken care off, a panting Seun soon approached the captive woman since there was nothing left living around them. At first Seun thought the woman was dead but when her eyes seemed to recognise that her tormentors were all dead, she screamed with every fiber of her being, “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” then she started laughing maniacally, “Hahhah ahhah!” before she finally recovered enough to address Seun.

“Tha…-nk …y..-ou.” she mumbled in a weak, deep and desperate voice.

“What kind of man would I be if I watched them abuse you and just walked away. Besides I needed to eliminate any possible threats.”

“The sun will soon set and there will be more guards searching for the missing crew.” Seun continued, “I can only offer you a brief respite of a merciful final peace. I am sorry. You choose your faith; die now or die later when they catch up with you. I will give you time.” And without another glance at Ubong, Seun went to gather all the crossbows, bows, bolts and arrows as well as useful supplies.

Ubong listened to his words as an unbelievable feeling surged through her. Her light essence first gathered in her eyes, then was ignited to the maximum. But contrary to any mishap, the light energy kept spreading from her eyes and accumulating everywhere around her entire body. Then the pain and sensation combined and made Ubong exclaim, “Light, I Want To Live!” 


Meanwhile, Musa had finally reached his destination.

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