M.C. E is BACK!!!

I am back… no matter how many times I fail in my goal to blog daily… I will be back cause as long as at least one person follows along in my journey, at least one person learns from my experience, at least one person feels loved or not alone in this wide world… then my blog would have meaning and have served it’s purpose

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Hello Readers,

Glad you are still with me.

I have not been consistent with my writing which was a goal of 2019.

Now we are already at the end of February.

So should we make it another goal for 2020?

Yes we should.

We should write it down. Plan it out. Make time for it and actual start writing.

But do we have content?

That has never been the point. There is content everywhere… in what we experience, what we read, what we see, what we feel, what we think and believe.

The problem has always been there was no structure to it.

Which is a problem with any intended action. If you don’t plan out the structure, the processes from step A to step Z, then you make allowance for other things to interrupt and disrupt your goals.

Taking time for self reflection on what you want to accomplish- who you want to be- and assessing how you are performing is paramount to success.

And you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just honestly document you activities in a week. When did you wake up, what did you do first, what do you spend your free time doing… be honest with yourself. Then decide what you want to cut… and what you want to keep, in order to meet the 5 year target, 1 year target, 1 month target, 1 week target.

For me, I had to stop reading fantasy in total. I noticed I lacked the discipline to maintain it as just a leisure activity. It started eating into more important activities or preventing me from pursuing other interests. And honestly, you should cut out anything that you can’t control.

NOW, I have so much more time freed up that I can plan blog pieces for the week, continue my fantasy novel, read books that are not just for leisure, interact with my friends and family, go out etc.

Be intentional about every moment of your life.

Because we are only aware of one life and it would be a shame to leave it as a slave to something without achieving what you really truly wanted… your overriding purpose.


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