MANI… Inspiring conversations on Mental Health

Hi, from M.C. E, the bipolar genius… Yesterday the 29th of February 2020, on such a magical day, a group of friends discussed bipolar disorder as a mental illness and how you can help people living with this condition.

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On 29th February 2020, 20+ individuals meet in Lagos to discuss Bipolar Affective Disorder.

We explored the myths and truths about bipolar disorder and what we could do to help people we know living with the condition.

This was going on at every chapter of Mentally Awareness Nigeria Initiative (MANI)

Some of the misconceptions raised in the Lagos Chapter included:

  • That Bipolar disorder, particularly the mania can be harnessed to go beyond normal thinking capacities
  • People with bipolar disorder are naturally more violent than others
  • There is no real difference between Bipolar disorder and regular mood swings
  • People with bipolar disorder all go through the same cycle…

We got to share our own experience, either with living with the condition, knowing and supporting others who have and doctors also shared their perspectives of treating it.

Thank you for all who showed up and supported.


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