Call me – Who is responsible for communication in a relationship?

Exploring attention and communication in a relationship…

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So like every heterosexual guy can relate with, girls are more interested in communication and attention or care in a relationship rather than what we use to substitute for it… like gifts, money, trips etc.

Not like they don’t want the gifts… but they want you more than anything money can buy (as long as it’s a real relationship).

However, why is it that girls prefer to wait for the guy to call first when you are already in a relationship. I understand that our culture requires the man to make most of the moves… but it’s not like the first few dates, you have already gone past the honeymoon phase of a relationship and are comfortable being yourself around them.

You’re now starting to not just like them but loving them despite their flaws…

So why won’t you just call when you thinking about them.

For instance, I try to send a message every time I think of my girl during the day…

But yesterday I spent most of the day asleep; which means I didn’t talk to her besides the message I sent in the morning… I know what I did was not enough and there is no excuse for it but won’t it have been easier if she had just called.

So I am curious on who you readers feel has the responsibility in maintaining communication in a relationship?

GOD bless.

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