Mage of Binding Chapters 52: Forming Teams

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Over the course of the next few weeks, Nnenna was still in negotiations with the King of Oshodi. Currently, Nnenna was stuck in a meeting with annoying ministers who spoke for King Fola as royalty cannot be seen to haggle while Obi, Amaka and Amina were exploring the city under the ‘protection’ of the royal guards. Kayto was better left unseen even though there were beast tamers in the capital city, so he was sent disappointedly to forage in the mountains nearby but she could feel a growing resentment in him so swore to herself that it won’t belong before he was always by her side no matter the situation.

Surprisingly, Nnenna was accompanied by Tunde and the self-proclaimed dual element internal mage Ibrahim, who currently claimed to be review Nnenna to see if she was worthy of training and tutelage.

Very few of the neatly and glamorously dressed noble ministers paid attention to Tunde’s insistent flattery especially because he dare not use his persuasion so openly. Some equally glossed over Nnenna as despite her power she was seen as an ignorant little girl that could be managed but everyone paid attention to Ibrahim, this former elder of the Sabi Sect.

They were not expecting this dragon of a man to show up in the next meeting with Nnenna and continually appear in subsequent negotiations. The name Ibrahim had been famous 20 years ago and even though he had aged, no one present underestimated him. Indeed he was a rare dual element Knight.

But what was more remarkable was the synergy he had created between his abilities, extreme power of the earth element and extreme defense of the metal element resulted in a human death machine. What no one knew was that he had triggered the strength and defense of both the earth and metal element which lead to such extremes. 

Therefore, although there still existed an imbalance between the two powers it was already an unspoken agreement that a team would be sent in search of this lost ‘heir’.


“How are we sure that you are not just a spy?”

“I am the last elder of the Abacha clan and although we may be an assassin clan that lives in the shadows we are not without reputation or recognition. Anyone who doubts me is more than welcome to exchange pointers with this ice queen, Frost Turayo.”

Turayo starred icely at this ruling council of the resistance, and particularly at the arrogant skinny man in leather armour who acted as a self-appointed leader.

A brawny man with arms like a tree trunk stepped out and said,”I have heard great things about the Abacha clan and respect the name but I have equally heard about its fall and there were no survivors. You must compete with me to authenticate your identity.”

Turayo did not even answer and moved to the center of an open space near the command tent. The challenger wore knuckles on his fingers as his weapon and rushed at Turayo. In a fight between Knights, the one who knows the other’s ability usually comes out victorious.

Turayo branded her whip like she had multiple hands but the challenger just responded by blocking and dodging. Unfortunately for him Turayo’s ice defence ability was not like an eternal mage conjuring ice but worked by sucking all the heat towards the ice essence so that her ice energy was arrayed like crystals. 

As the battle progressed, Turayo’s whip became more domineering and deadly, but after a particularly wide swing, the challenger charged forward with inhuman speed and began a barrage. Turayo quickly abandoned her whip and protected her vitals while channeling the ice essence to bloom and provide her defence.

At the end of the barrage, both parties were exhausted with Turayo more the worse for wear but by a slight margin. They separated to opposite sides given each other a breather.

“I see you have not rusted yet cold bitch.” came the taunt of the skinny man in leather armour. 

Turayo turned towards him with anger clear written on her usually expressionless face but the brawny man interrupted, saying, “And you Maduka are usually not this feisty unless you have a new wife.” Then the brawny man broke into a hearty laugh and moved forward to shake Turayo’s hand.

“These are dark times. It is good to have you on our side Turayo.” He added.

“I know who you are now that we have fought, and yes Folunso, my clan has paid a heavy price thanks to this growing darkness which was even marked with betrayal, I respect your caution.”

“What? Was it the coward Musa?” the skinny man still tried to get a rise out of Turayo.

There was ice venom dripping from her eyes and words as Turayo said, “DON’T INSULT OUR CLAN HEAD EVER AGAIN.”

“Ha ha ha you made that weakly your clan head…I much preferred the fiery Hafis myself, take it as advice from one assassin clan to another…wait but you are the last elder and Musa is clan head….is Hafis dead?”

“Hafis was the traitor.”

There was an awkward silence at Turayo’s statement and some people even glanced at the skinny man askance. 

Turayo broke the mood by saying, “I wish to join the frontlines and gather information. We, as assassins, make natural scouts. Once Musa returns bring him to the battlefield. He is our hope. He will prove to you the might of the Abacha clan.”

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