Is extravagance evil?

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My lovely sister compared extravagance to gluttony… which is one of those 7 deadly sins.

But what do you think…

By definition extravagance is doing or going further than necessary so there is already some waste… but an arguement can be made that once basic needs are met, any extra is extravagance… that is where the whole minimalist thing stems.

So where is the room for pleasure?

I don’t think we are meant to not enjoy ourselves. We should be able to reward ourselves with a spa weekend or an impromptu trip… and not have everything so planned out that spontaneity is dead.

I like making big gestures to express my affections, occasionally, which by definition tends to be extravagant… I am not saying that stability and reliability are not more important… but sometimes people need to be swept off their feet.

So does it become more acceptable because you are doing it for someone else as opposed gluttony which is self centered?

I believe that whether you are being grandiose in rewarding yourself or celebrating someone dear to you… it is not even wrong not to talk of being close to a seafly5 sin.

Extravagance is even relative, cause what some people consider luxury is dependent on their net worth.

I recall when I was 8 years old watching the glits and glamour of the Oscar’s and my mum said these people are the world’s greatest; my sister and I respond immediately and instinctly that we would be the world’s greatest as well. My motivation was not to win an academy award but the chance to celebrate my mother with such glamour.

I realise that this is the period of Lenten which is all about sacrifice, fasting, charity, praying, dying to self to grow in spirit, but I just wanted to draw attention that the 40 days of Lenten are in preparation for the celebration that is Easter.

And that is a real party at the triumph of Jesus Christ over sin…

Whatever your views, I enjoin you to celebrate yourself, your accomplishment, your family, your friends, and anything that is dear to you.

God bless.

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